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    Hey guys. The map editor in game is really fun to use, and I love working with it. But, for months after starting the game, I didn't even know it was an option. I also read somewhere, or saw in a video, that it's a member's only feature, so there was a lot of confusion about it. At the moment, if I want to create a board, I have to go to Multiplayer (which will automatically stop people who don't play Multiplayer from finding it). Then, in the Multiplayer lobby, we see this:


    None of that at all suggests that the game has a board editor lurking right there! If you don't play casual multiplayer games, which I'd say for the vast majority of players is the case, you're unlikely to notice that the option is available. But suppose you do click to create a casual game. This is what we see:


    And again, if you don't notice or decide to try the 'Custom' option, you won't find the map editor. And even then you have a third confusing interface to navigate to get there.

    I think this is a large reason why there aren't a lot of submissions to the custom content contests - finding the editor in the first place could be a campaign module. :p It also should be quite a straightforward fix, I think - if a direct link to the board editor screen is added to the other Multiplayer options (and maybe single player also) , then hopefully the community will engage with these areas of play a lot more.

    I also think that if you're not used to map editors, it can be overwhelming. What are 'doodads'? What are these strange blue and red circles? Maybe adding a link to one of the tutorial videos or a help screen to the board editor would help with that. ;)

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