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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I think Flax greatly prefers crowd sourcing. I do too, really. Some of the hunters aren't on the forum, but we all know what we've checked so it's pretty easy to reset and rebuild if someone messes with it.
    I understand about the radio buttons too. Good thing he didn't make 'em red. :D
  2. progammer

    progammer Ogre

    I'd like to go for a voting system. Instead of just radio boxes, The vote count how many confirmation is there for the fairy at that level. A vote up is confirming the fairy is at that level. A vote down means its confirm to not be there. You can remove the checking and unknown radio boxes.

    Flaxative may be able to put a limit to make sure an ip can only vote every 24 hour. There are ways for vandalism to goes around ip restriction but we're not there yet.

    This produce several benefits:
    - Timestamp of last vote, last confirmed sighting of a loot fairy (in case we lost track of when it will reset)
    - Possitive vote will weed out the troll. For example, whenever I open the page, I play that module, If i got a fairy, I will upvote it, then close the page
    - Votes can also be hidden.
    - Votes can automatically reset at fairy reset time.

    Power users can also be given to several trusted people. Their votes have stronger weight and they can use it to stop vandalism whenever they see it
  3. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Once the loot fairy is found (or confirmed if the hunter doesn't post on the forum) the location is posted in this thread. The main function of the tracker is to see what's been/being checked so we don't duplicate effort. The buttons used to reset automatically, but Flax changed that when reset moved to 25 hours. (We weren't sure of the new schedule for a day or three.) I don't know if he intends to restore it.
  4. progammer

    progammer Ogre

    I see. Then the idea of power users can still apply.

    If the purpose of the page is to find the loot fairy, then once it is confirmed, it can be locked down for the rest of the day by a power user. There is no need to edit it anymore. Then it will automatically open when it reset. A power user can also manually reset it if the fairy reset times changes again.

    The easier way to do power users ? Create a password for admin function and share it only with trusted members here. Timezone coverage is also a consideration.
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  5. Bandreus

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    URRR(R) @ Vicious Tombs

    U treasure
  6. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    None of this changes the fact that there has only ever been one actual obviously troll report in the history of the tracker, and that over a month and a half ago. Basically every misreport to date can be attributed to mistakes—or, when we were trying to figure out the 25-hour cycle, people just not knowing what was up. There has never been sustained malicious behavior, which is what I would expect of actual trolls, and at the moment I see no need to change anything.

    Now, if the tracker's useless half the time due to intentional misreporting, that'd be a problem! And I could definitely do things about it!
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  7. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    Not even set the adventures to unknown automatically after fairy has moved? :p
  8. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    LOL, not sure how to do a cron every 25 hours.
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  9. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    He's the creator of G'zok, the infamous goblin thief from Mauve Manticore #1 battle 3.
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  10. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    If something like a password needs to be implemented for pathological button clickers, it could be a public password but just buried in the instructions so someone has to read what's up before they can go click crazy :).
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  11. e-stab

    e-stab Goblin Champion

    Let me interrupt the discussion for a boring UURR(R) @ The Viscous Tombs

    Regarding the discussion: My 2 cents are "Never change a running system". As long as it works (with one or two exceptions that I know of), I'm fine with it.
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  12. CKaz

    CKaz Goblin Champion

    I really like the system and say keep it as is - I would only add this thought, and frankly after I had the initial concern I never ran into it again:
    From a phone (my case iPhone) thumbing through it gave me a scare once, like it refresh/updated - I monitored the situation to verify no impact, would have posted on forums/PM if so

    Never encountered again and the rare times I do look at it that way I'm careful about it now, just wanted to share that.
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  13. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Do you think I should make it read-only on mobile? Just info, announcements, and the fairy's status?
  14. CKaz

    CKaz Goblin Champion

    ^ Well it originally concerned me, for this is a wonderful community and the last thing I wanted to do was inadvertently give a 'false negative' somewhere - read only on mobile or two step edit isn't a bad idea.

    I'm personally very careful and aware of it now, but it's probably not a bad idea to go read only mobile --> if you have headway to report you're using a more robust and sizable browser by default.
  15. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Yeah I figure, if you are playing Card Hunter you are in a browser on a "real" computer...

    What do other people think?
  16. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Looks like the Fairy was successfully found and reported today at Return to Woodhome.
  17. Kalin

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    Return to Woodhome, first time for me
    First: 8 U arcane item, 9 U divine item, 11 R arcane item, 10 E divine weapon, (9 E weapon)
    Second: 9 U heavy armor, 10 U staff, 7 R robes, 9 E divine item, (10 R heavy armor)
    Giant Skeletal Arm, Enormous Tree Branch, Terxes' Medallion
  18. hatchhermit

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  19. Jarmo

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    UURR(R) @ Return to Woodhome
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