Level 9 Adventures (Campaign)

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Fizbin, May 28, 2013.

  1. Fizbin

    Fizbin Mushroom Warrior

    I was wondering what opened up level 9 adventures? I have completed everything except "Melvelous the Magnificant" (can't), and the pizza required adventures.

    Is Melvelous a gate or am I missing something? Thank you for your time =)
  2. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Yep, they changed the structure for story reasons so you have to complete Melvelous before the next batch of adventures open up.

    What kind of trouble you have with Melvelous? We can probably offer advice if needed :)
  3. Fizbin

    Fizbin Mushroom Warrior

    Last time I completed the first battle with 2 hp wizard (all others dead), then the second with 7 hp priest (all others dead), and on the third battle I was killed by the demon thing in about four rounds with AOE fireballs and such. I am not sure really what I should be looking for in eq (I still only have 3 minor power tokens on each character).

    All my characters are level 9 atm, I am using bashes on my elf war, just a mix on my priest and shocks on my mage. I never lost a battle (or even came close) till level 7. Obviously the skill level jumps at this point (and gear hardly does). Trogs are op when they have 2 or even 3+ armors and reach attacks, pretty much been struggling after with every battle since really. Pierce attacks are still crap with all the equipment I have found and chops just can't get through their armor. I only have one or two step attack items and they either, only do up to 4 damage or just one that does 7? They have too many scuttle cards and such to really get behind (usually they turn to attack you and then you never get a shot behind them, or they just dance away).
  4. Oranj

    Oranj Kobold

    I've passed him with one retry. I think the trick was damage, movement and patience. Used a buff/attack cleric, tank warrior and long range wizard. Level terrain provides alot of cover to dodge his attacks. Just play carefully and rush him when he gets the "coward" card.
  5. Rorre

    Rorre Orc Soldier

    Yeah, I used a really patient strategy too, running and healing and picking off minions. I got lucky on one map and he teleported away from the minions so I just jumped on him and cleaned up the rest.

    I found the Orc level really hard. I only beat it because I was able to use his cave-ins to keep away from the orcs while I finished him off, and if I remember correctly, that was the map where I trapped him on top of lava.

    By the way - you can use trogs reaction turning to expose their backs. Get a person on either side of them, and you can have your characters take turns hitting them in the back.
  6. Fizbin

    Fizbin Mushroom Warrior

    Well, I finally finished it (lol). Thanks for the input, I have been on it for four days now and was beginning to despair. Mostly I was lucky with a firestorm and softened everything up nicely for a follow through. After that I fought some minions and the traps decided to sit there and let me heal for ~5 rounds o.0; they were easy enough to clean up after that.

    PS: The only thing that really got me through the Orcs was a lucky drop of Malign Mace, with it's Power Bludgeon. That Along with the Shuddering Relic for it's Mass Frenzy, both of which I think I played massive amounts of PvP to get.
  7. Rorre

    Rorre Orc Soldier


    It's a funny game, sometimes things swing from incredibly intimidating to almost laughable. I also got obliterated by the traps before I realized that I could keep them at arms length, and went from dying horribly to discarding excess heals.

    I think the thing that I learned on these levels was that you need to fight bosses separately from their minions, either focus them down *fast*, or stay clear of them until you're ready. Oh, and also that ground effects are *amazing* against the large 4-tile enemies (on a more recent level I hit a large enemy with three lava tiles on a turn. It didn't even kill it, but it didn't last long after that).

    Edit: thinking about Melvin and the two large enemies I've seen recently a little more, I think the lessons about the 4-square positioning were more general than just ground effects. Taking up 4 squares is a massive disadvantage, and you can take advantage of it in a number of ways. Thinking about the layout of the Melvin levels, I suspect that they were intended to teach you this. There's the maze level where he's too big to fit through the doorways - his teleport on this level got him killed in my playthrough. Then there's the levels with the pillars, that I won by pinning him down and dancing away from the orcs (while keeping him contained), and the level with the roaches where the narrow doorway is the strategic key.

    Props, Blue Manchu. That was elegant enough that I didn't even see it until now.
  8. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    This one is hard. I beat it but I think it took all my replays.

    I imagine the game's difficulty can easily be impacted by what items you find. On your initial play through you're sort of depending on the luck of the draw. Multiplayer or the pizza club can help give you more options, but it really helps to have cohesive items. I've found my second play through to be a lot smoother/easier because I have a heck of a lot more/better options on equipping my characters as they level up. I've been able to consistently beat levels higher than my party, when I used to struggle.

    It's interesting that you can't really grind out lower adventures to gain experience like you would in many classic RPGs. You can try, but the combination of experience dropping off and waiting for levels to reset makes it a lot harder. I can definitely see needing to grind for items though.

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