Killer's Crazy Constuctions

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    Just wanted to gloat with my six copies of The Irradiator. :p Thoughts on my pre-CM/AI build? I haven't played it really, it's only theorycraft. How would you approach Nuclear Engineers, if you'd have unlimited collection?


    [SRC] Panacea
    Level 24 Human Priest

    Sir Isaac Newton
    Level 24 Human Wizard

    [SRC] H. Scholl
    Level 24 Human Warrior
  2. Killer74

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    Sorry for the slow response.

    Looks pretty decent, as far as I can tell. Superb Cleansing seems a bit of an odd choice, especially with the Arrogant Armors, but everything else looks good, imo. Electroporter Novice might be replaced since its nerf, and the warrior could benefit from some CM items; but since its pre-CM, looks pretty good.

    If I had an unlimited collection, I'd take forever making builds.

    In terms of making a possibly viable deck, I'd go easier on the rad. terrain than in my build - 1 priest, as you have, is probably enough. Perhaps something like 1 rad. terrain priest, 1 control wizard (with an Accelerate Time or two), 1 burning wizard (Accelerate Times too, multiple Flame Warpers should work pretty well - something I'd definitely like to try on a burny wiz) might work.

    In terms of making a wacky build, I might go for something like Genetic Therapy without any Arrogant Armor, along with various handicaps. Two priests, with a mix of Genetic Therapy and Radioactive Terrain, and perhaps a bash warrior or control wizard as the third.
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    Floating ghosts and levitating vampires are very common, but there is also a pack of werewolves that take to the sky. By the light of the full-moon, these men grow wings as well as transforming into rampaging beasts, bringing death from above.

    Flying Werewolves - 2 Howling Pain Warriors + Buff Priest

    Starting Rating: 1,355
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1,526
    Finishing Rating: 1,511
    16 wins, 6 losses

    Note that these numbers are for an old version of the deck, I changed it a bit since. The below deck brought me over 1,700 and got me a new win-streak (15).

    Butterfly Wings
    Level 23 Human Priest

    Volkov Wolfclaw
    Level 24 Human Warrior

    Level 24 Human Warrior

    4 legendaries, 9 epics, 9 rares, 6 uncommons, 0 commons.

    A bit top-heavy. Could drop most of the higher-rarity stuff, though the Howling Pains are pretty integral. Had Outgrown Helms originally, but the encumber from Ill-fitting Armor was pretty annoying at times. Also, I think this is the first build where I've had two characters the exact same.

    The only thing more satisfying than a teleporting Mighty Charge to kill a character is two teleporting Mighty Charges to kill a character.

    The main idea behind this deck was to draw a Mighty Charge from Howls, and with Teleport Self or Wings Of Faith, get a nice long run at the opponent. Unfortunately, it didn't really happen as often as I hoped, but this is a pretty solid deck anyway. The warriors are very good at taking down an opposing character of their choice between them. Wings Of Faith is actually a very useful card; considering how many Nimble Strikes my guys had, I didn't think I'd get too much use out of it, but it really helps out with maneuvering. Probably more useful on the Morvin rotation than most though (haven't played the next rotation as internet is too spotty). Howl is simply amazing, the only bad thing is that it knocks off attachments fairly often if one's not careful. The warriors' attacks are fairly weak, but with buffs they become quite lethal.

    • Extremely mobile.
    • High damage (with buffs).
    • Pretty good healing.
    • Fairly consistent draws.

    • Quite a bit weaker if priest dies.

    Possible Improvements:

    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 9
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 9
    Mobility: 10+
    Defense/Healing: 7
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    Saving this space to post my version of Killer's flying werewolves.

    1425 starting elo
    1471 ending elo
    11 wins 4 losses

    Sad Horns Human Warrior
    2x Ravager's Cudgel
    Blazing Shortsword
    Outgrown Helm
    Hexagon Shield
    Bronzebottom Cuirass
    White Jungle Boots
    Alpha Positioning
    Howling Lycanthropy

    2nd Warrior Human Warrior
    Same setup as above but with one Howling Pain instead of a Ravager's Cudgel

    Blue Jammies Human Priestess
    2x Axe Of The Dark Soul
    Hexagon Shield
    Eixtl's Winged Mail
    Hawkwind Moccassins
    Spacemartyr's Relic
    Outcast's Relic
    Greasy Tome
    Uplifting Faith
    Bossy Command
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