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  1. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    We find you guilty of burning- Inquisitor's Strike + Burning Wizard
    Starting elo: 1344
    Ending elo: 1295
    3 wins 5 losses

    No Nose: elf warrior
    Whirling Flail x2
    Vigilante's Hood
    Inquisitor's Pitchfork
    Parrying Buckler
    Spike Tlahuiztli
    Chestnut Boots
    Focused Silversmith
    Untrained Lycanthropy

    It's warm outside: human wizard
    Staff Of The Fire God x2
    Flame Warper
    Rantic's Orb Of Inner Fire
    Armorbane Pendant
    Wym's Fiery Bangle
    Firehide Robes
    Hawkwind's Mocassins
    Untrained Flexibility
    Focused Pyromancy

    Beard Tattoo: elf priest
    Hand Of Melvelous x3
    Flail Of Justice x2
    Parrying Buckler
    Mail Of The Martyr
    Chestnut Boots
    Focused Silversmith
    Focused Corruption

    I'll be editing this with my score and win/loss ratio.
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  2. Killer74

    Killer74 Hydra

    Forget-Me-Nots - Perplexing Ray and friends.

    Starting Rating: 1543
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1619 (technically, it got to 1631, but that was from an afk victory)
    Finishing Rating: 1558
    8 wins (9 with afk victory), 5 losses

    Level 22 Human Priest

    Level 23 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 21 Human Wizard

    7 legendaries, 2 epics, 4 rares, 7 uncommons, 10 commons.
    A fair few legendaries, but they could easily be replaced.

    I had great fun with this one, it requires patience and thought. It was pretty bad on Celestial Koi (with its miserable 1 vp square), but fine elsewhere. There is probably a more suitable rotation for it. One really needs to win by VP squares with this, it doesn't too much damage. The basic idea is to camp on VPs and eliminate the opponent's cards. The human wizard with its four Reflexive Teleports was pretty good at avoiding attacks. (#Reflexive Teleports to Chance to avoid attack: 1 - 1/3, 2 - 5/9, 3 - 19/27, 4 - 65/81). Puce Diadem is a pretty good item, the Loners usually aren't too big of an issue for the wizard most of the time (Admittedly, it killed the wizard a couple of times, but the games were lost by those points, and I had been careless). This deck was rather good at seperating the enemy's characters and focusing on one at a time.

    • Excellent control.
    • Consistent.
    • Cards rarely go to waste.

    • Not much damage.
    • Can lose quickly against rushes.
    • Needs maps with well-spread out VP squares.
    Possible Improvements:
    • More gusts/winds instead of perplexing ray perhaps.
    • Maybe a couple of Phantom Pains.

    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 3
    Luck (how much it relies on luck, 1 being a lot): 9
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 9
    Mobility: 6
    Defense/Healing: 5
  3. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    That looks very complicated and fragile. Amazing job. I've tried to do a discard deck several times, and a card advantage deck. It requires a fine hand...that i lack
  4. Killer74

    Killer74 Hydra

    Whirling, Twirling and Hurling - Human warriors with Leadership and Wind Dancer

    Starting Rating: 1558
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1657
    Finishing Rating: 1599
    12 wins, 4 losses

    Level 23 Human Warrior

    Level 21 Human Warrior

    Level 24 Human Warrior

    7 legendaries, 7 epics, 7 rares, 5 uncommons, 1 commons.

    Quite top-heavy this, but the basic idea relies only on uncommon human skills and rare martial skills, eveything else could be replaced. However, Violent Spin is rather useful in this deck and the better items with it are epic/legendaries.

    I don't usually play all-warrior parties, I find them a bit dull. I can see the attraction though after playing this, games were quick, and I didn't have to think too much (less than I should have, probably). The main premise of this party was to create Unreliable Blocks (through Wind Dancer) and then use Leadership to replace them with better cards. I didn't really draw enough Leaderships for that to be the cornerstone of this party, but it's a nice bonus. It's pretty solid without it anyway, with enough Unreliable Blocks, the chance of blocking something isn't that slim (but one does have to drop most/all at the end of a turn), and the Violent Spins were useful for capturing VP squares. Ready To Strike helped quite a bit whenever it turned up. Other than that it was mobile and dealt quite a bit of damage. Originally I had some Sundering Strikes, but decided the half-werewolf could manage that.

    I think I could have done better with this. I realise I've said that for quite a few of these, but here 3 of the losses were in a row, and had a 9 win-streak before that (new record for KCC, as well as rating).

    • Very mobile.
    • Lots of damage.
    • Consistent.
    • Not much defense.
    • More of a disadvantage when one loses a character than usual (Leadership less useful)
    • Need to get in close.

    Possible Improvements:
    • More blocks.
    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 9
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 8
    Mobility: 9
    Defense/Healing: 3
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  5. Tyro

    Tyro Mushroom Warrior

    Has anyone asked for an Avenging Touch deck?

    EDIT: Other ideas:

    Nuclear engineers: Irradiators, Arrogant Armor, Antimagic Skin, Cleansing Ray, Accelerate Time
    Killing with kindness: Spark of Undeath, Unholy Energy, Accelerate Time
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  6. Tyro

    Tyro Mushroom Warrior

    I've been playing with a similar concept for a while with some success:
  7. Killer74

    Killer74 Hydra

    Had an Avenging Touch & Firestorm build (Builds are catelogued in first post under past decks if you are interested), but can do another more focused on Avenging Touch if you would like.

    I'll try out Nuclear Engineers, but using Spark Of Undeath on opponents is a no-no for me, similarly to Walpurgis Night. I don't believe a player should have the ability to completely change the opponent's deck (I will admit I very briefly messed around with it, but no more). (edited first post to that effect)
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  8. Tyro

    Tyro Mushroom Warrior

    RE avenging touch I was thinking 3 vampires or 2 vampires and a support/buff priest, all with Demonic Power
  9. Killer74

    Killer74 Hydra

    Fed up with having to use switch between classes to be able to do different stuff? Think there are too many classes in the game? Well, worry no more! Try out the Priest! Able to frenzy itself and fight like a warrior! Able to buff itself and burst like a wizard! Able to heal itself and heal like a priest! I give you...

    Protean Priests - Warrior Priest, Wizard Priest, and Priest Priest.

    Starting Rating: 1588
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1611
    Finishing Rating: 1596
    10 wins, 4 losses

    Priest Priest
    Level 22 Human Priest

    Mage Priest
    Level 23 Dwarf Priest

    Warrior Priest
    Level 23 Dwarf Priest

    11 legendaries, 6 epics, 5 rares, 5 uncommons, 3 commons.

    Top-heavy. For Radiation Bombs, one needs some legendaries (or epics, though they aren't near as good), and the better hard-hitting tokenless divine weapons are legendary, but the rest could be replaced maybe.

    Priests are pretty versatile, all in all. They have lots of options at their disposal, probably moreso than the other two classes. Swarm Of Bats is an incredibly useful card for chasing down charcters low on health. Warrior Priest was pretty hard-hitting, and being able to regain health is obviously a big bonus (a pure vamp build would have been pointless here, except for more cantrip attacks). Mage Priest could do a large amount of damage with proper bonuses (Ulalia's Boots on a priest :cool:), and the handicaps were usually a boost (though not being able to kill a character camping on the only VP square because of Festering Guts is incredibly frustrating). Priest Priest could easily negate a lot of the damage done, and also provided some extra range/melee attacks.

    Overall, this was a solid build.

    • Lots of healing.
    • Lots of damage.
    • Good at finishing off low-health characters.
    • Slightly sluggish.
    • Slightly inconsistent.
    Possible Improvements:
    • More movement.
    • Maybe some Violent Spins or bashes to grab VP squares.
    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 8
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 8
    Mobility: 5
    Defense/Healing: 10
  10. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    There's been a lot of talk of elf wizards with Ancient Grudge and Pathfinding but I think drawing that 1 copy of Pathfinding may be too unreliable.

    So. Three wizards designed to stall as much as possible (control, Illusory Barrier, Lucky Toughness, whatever) slowly generating power for one explosive Ancient Grudge round.
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  11. c4rnivean

    c4rnivean Orc Soldier

    If you use gusts/winds, Vengeance kills you. If you don't, toughness blocks your grudge half the time.

    With that much stalling it would be easier to win by VP control
  12. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

    Try playing around multiple St. Well's Powermace. Its cards are so good though seemingly random.
  13. gulo gulo

    gulo gulo Guild Leader

    Having a couple of Delegates to get to the Pathfinding sooner helps a lot.
  14. Killer74

    Killer74 Hydra

    Going to put Nuclear Engineers on hold until I get another The Irradiator or two. One at the moment. (as an aside: Antimagic Skin is probably at odds with the idea, as the enemy could hit a character ith it to get rid of their handicaps)
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  15. Tyro

    Tyro Mushroom Warrior

  16. Killer74

    Killer74 Hydra

    Nuclear Engineers - Irradiated Terrain + AT + Arrogant + Cleansing Ray

    Starting Rating: 1469
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1400
    Finishing Rating: 1368
    5 wins, 11 losses

    Level 22 Human Priest

    Level 23 Human Priest

    Level 23 Human Wizard

    6 legendaries, 8 epics, 11 rares, 2 uncommons, 3 commons.

    Could replace most stuff with commoner items.

    Fun deck to play, for sure, but not very good (relies on luck quite a lot). I think this may be one of the more suitable rotations too (Morvin Maps). Admittedly, I was careless, I was doing quite well for a lot of those lost games, and then very suddenly found myself losing - not that that is a rare occurrence, by any means, just happened more regularly and quickly than usual. It is more harsh with mistakes (which I make a lot of) than most decks. Cleansing Ray goes well with Radioactive Spray for cycling and clearing up those errant spots. I wasn't really sure what to do with the wizard other than the Accelerated Times (as regards deck-building), maybe some burning would have been better. More Ray Sprays/Rad Goo could go in, but it would get a bit redundant after too many. Perhaps one more The Irradiator. I was definitely on a downward trend, just lucky a couple of wins brought me back above the rating 10 games previous. A better version could definitely be made though.

    • Fairly consistent drawing (with cycling).
    • Good for passing turns.
    • Handicaps can sometimes be fairly crippling for opponent (Trip, especially)

    • Little damage.
    • A bit sluggish.
    • Not much defense/healing.

    Possible Improvements:
    • Focus slightly less on irradiated terrain for some more damage/healing/mobility.
    • Make a better wizard.

    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 3
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 8
    Mobility: 4
    Defense/Healing: 4
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  17. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    Maybe make a control Wiz to make sure enemies are stuck in the goo?
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  18. Killer74

    Killer74 Hydra

    There isn't that much space to go around after AT items, maybe a Gusting Feystaff and drop the Cape Of Dark Magic. Rad terrain is pretty good for hitting enemies though, covers lots of ground. However, control might be useful just to keep warriors at bay somewhat.
  19. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

  20. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Starting at 1487
    Ending at 1449

    I plan to record my progress with my version of nuclear engineers
    Losses 4
    Wins 2

    Human Priest 1 and 2
    Crazed Hermit's Gizmo
    Nanahut's Morningstar
    Hexagon Shield
    Axamander's Ringmail
    Boots Of Discretion
    2x Glowing Gland
    St. Pascal's Torch
    Untrained Command
    Beginner Corruption

    2x Turquoise Staff
    Ethereal Crystal Gun
    Caustic Warper
    Warp Crystal Gun
    Flame Warper
    Perrio's Kinetic Robes
    Fashionable Ball And Chain
    Thoughtful Guidance
    Advanced Levitation

    Suffice to say I did horrible with this build. It was slow and grindy. I came up against two teams full of arrogant armor and had no answer. Needs armor removal and more ranged spells in the tokenless spot for the mage. I used beginner corruption to turn the priests themselves into little walking rad. terrain. I didn't get much card draw out of everything. I used a different set up that ?Killer because I don't have the same items. I tanked my elo sufficiently to not recommend this build.

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