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    Therefore, I think @Magic Elves should build a team revolving around a warrior dual wielding pressing problems. (since I assume he has two already.)
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    (I actually dropped a third from a league chest, but don't tell anyone)

    The problem with Pressing Bash, as far as I can tell, is that unlike Lunging Bash there's no way to keep the opponent at range while continuing to do damage, due to moving after the attack connects. This limits it's best usage to moving opponents around WHILE damaging them, when in most cases it would be better to do either one or the other. Possibly could be useful in a 3 human warrior team, with Pressing Bash to separate the opponent's characters and using Sprint Team to move other warriors with more attacks closer?
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    I was either going to suggest the above or two pressing bash armed elves and a wizard for more minor movement control and some floor effects. A human mage with sprint team. The elves would have as many quick runs and quick steps as could be packed on with their 'problems' the mage could fill the floor with spiked terrain, acid, or lava as needed.
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  6. Killer74

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    Time Travelers - Accelerate Time Wizard with Priests with Lucent Talisman/Auric Charm

    Battles, Rating:

    Starting Rating: 1508
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1372
    Finishing Rating: 1316
    14 wins, 27 losses


    Time Traveler
    Level 21 Human Wizard

    Time Traveler's Wife
    Level 20 Human Priest

    Level 22 Dwarf Priest

    7 legendaries, 4 epics, 15 rares, 4 uncommons, 0 commons.

    Most of the legendaries are for the wizard, and can be swapped out, though Wym's Lava Staff is pretty unique.

    This was fun, provided I wasn't getting absolutely thrashed, which was most of the time. Not sure whether how badly I did with this is because of my poor play or just the deck. Accelerate Time can be used with lots of stuff; burning, terrain, various other attachments. I focused mostly on terrain, which was probably a mistake (considering how bad I am at timing it). Burning would probably have been better, along with Fragile Curse. The damage from Firestorm was usually offset by various healing, but I had to drop quite a few.
    Soothing Darkness can do substantial healing when used with Accelerate Time, but that encumber 1 is quite a handicap. One also has to draw it at the right time. Overall, I wasn't very happy with this card.
    Accelerated Thought was quite useful with Accelerate Time, without any major handicaps either. I was using too many attachments though (the firestorms really were a bad idea), got knocked off a bit; or else I had to put it on a priest instead of the wizard. I think perhaps Ebony Prayer Beads may have been a better item to go with. McKay's Energy Cube is also worth consideration. With all the terrain being used, more Entangling Roots would also have been good.

    Pros, Cons, Possible Improvements:
    • Capable of killing all enemies in a single round.
    • Can come back from low health quite quickly.
    • Doesn't require Line of Sight.

    • Slow.
    • Next to no direct damage (barring firestorms).
    • Falls apart without wizard.

    Possible Improvements:
    • Switch out staffs for burning staffs, such as Overheated Staff and suchlike.
    • Switch out divine weapons for something with a bit more oomph.
    • More movement

    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 3
    Fun: 6
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 3
    Mobility: 2
    Defense/Healing: 8
  7. Inkfingers

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    I had a similar idea, but with an emphasis on Burning attachments, and a control wizard instead of the second priest (So I could spread out my Accelerate Times across two characters, and thus take Gold token staves)

    Bluntwhisker Spellbeard
    Level 22 Dwarf Wizard

    Wizbang Axmagi
    Level 13 Dwarf Wizard

    Faith Dwarfhealer
    Level 21 Human Priest

    In a VERY heavily Ranged meta, I would swap the two Evensongs for Cursed Radcannons. When used in an appropriate meta, these decks have consistently held me within about 75 elo of 1700.
  8. Killer74

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    Highlanders - All cards are unique, 1-1-1.

    Starting Rating: 1316
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1407
    Finishing Rating: 1386
    16 wins, 10 losses

    Level 22 Elf Warrior

    Level 22 Human Priest
    Chaos Hammer
    Tainted Morningstar
    Stargod's Raiments
    Defensive Buckler
    Goat Boots
    Outcast's Relic
    Corpselight Charm
    Xlaka's Sacred Bundle
    Alpha Positioning
    Pious Healer

    1 x Savage Curse
    1 x Inspiring Presence
    1 x Howl
    1 x Triple Heals
    1 x Boosted Heal
    1 x Able Stab
    1 x Leadership
    1 x Dangerous Maneuver
    1 x Creature Of The Night
    1 x Demonic Power
    1 x Vanguard
    1 x Block
    1 x Altruism
    1 x Bad Luck
    1 x Defender's Block
    1 x Healing Rays
    1 x Cushioning Armor
    1 x Lifesaving Block
    1 x Weakened Armor
    1 x Unholy Energy
    1 x Draining Touch
    1 x Misguided Heal
    1 x Immovable
    1 x Healing Pulse
    1 x Unholy Wellspring
    1 x Curse Of Fragility
    1 x Enervating Touch
    1 x Loner
    1 x Demonic Feedback
    1 x Genetic Engineering
    1 x Inquisitor's Strike
    1 x Impenetrable Nimbus
    1 x Talented Healer
    1 x Strong Bash
    1 x Bless
    1 x Mass Frenzy

    Level 22 Dwarf Wizard

    2 legendaries, 7 epics, 8 rares, 7 uncommons, 5 commons.

    Not sure how easily items can be swapped around while still having only one of each card. The legendaries can be changed easily, might have a bit of bother with the epic weapons.

    Highlander is an interesting exercise in deck-building, and playing. I'd recommend trying it out. With the exception of weapons for warriors, there is more possibilities than you might think. Unfortunately one sort of has to include bad cards in the mix. Trip cost me a couple of games. Laser Spray was pretty bad as well. It is more luck-based than your usual deck, given that there is no consistency in what one draws. I think I could have got to a higher rating, but had a small string of bad luck (laser spraying my own guys, tripping on a volcano, ouch doing a fair amount of damage). It is pretty versatile with careful play.

    • Pretty versatile.
    • Lots of damage.
    • Opponent has no idea what to expect.
    • Bad cards can trip one up.
    • A bit slow.
    • No idea what to expect.
    Possible Improvements:

    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 7
    Luck (how much it relies on luck, 1 being a lot): 2
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 8
    Mobility: 4
    Defense/Healing: 5
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    Midnight's Children - Vampire, Werewolf and Spirit.

    Starting Rating: 1386
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1503
    Finishing Rating: 1486
    15 wins (2 due to opponent not playing), 9 losses

    Count Yurik
    Level 22 Elf Priest

    Level 23 Dwarf Wizard

    Level 23 Human Warrior

    7 legendaries, 11 epics, 4 rares, 4 uncommons, 3 commons.

    A bit top-heavy here. Could replace most legendaries/epics with less rare stuff, though the better form skills are epic+ (Frenzied Lycanthropy isn't bad). I was going to wait until I had more items to make this more thematic, but decided to go with what I had (I do have Count Yurik's Slippers, but didn't really want to use them).

    Seeing as how this deck is based around forms, I will give my opinion on the various form cards here.

    2 gold, 6 silver, 2 bronze, 1 paper, 2 black.
    Doom: While a good card for SP quests, it is just too slow for MP. It can easily be purged off or even just knocked off with attachments. I had a grand total of 0 doom kills (though only attached 3 or 4).
    Fly: Certainly a useful card, though a bit overvalued at gold.
    Acid Jet: A fairly decent card, useful for slowing enemies down and removing armour.
    Boo!: Not without its merits, quite difficult to use effectively though.
    Hex Of Dissolution: Reasonably good, can remove an armour at least, though as a spirit you probably won't be laying down an awful lot of acid.
    Memory Loss: A one to one card trade is pretty good, and the oldest card is usually good.
    Unholy Curse: A great card. Three whole extra damage for every single hit you get in on a character, for two turns.
    Ancient Grudge: A marvellous card if the game goes on long enough, or if you skip through your deck. However, form cards don't go to your discard pile, so this isn't as good while a spirit.
    Beam Of Hate: A solid linear attack.
    Curse Of Fragility: A reasonably good card, especially for paper. Between this and Unholy Curse, a Spirit migh make a good match for a burny wizard.
    Creature Of The Night (Trait): There isn't as much silver knocking around as I would have thought, so this is usually fine. However it can be pretty disastrous up against a focused silver character.
    Traveling Curse (Trait): As a spirit, this is great. 1 damage with no armour. As not a spirit, not so great, unless you are packing a lot of armour.
    Ethereal Form (Trait): Overall, reasonably alright, though I don't think it's up to scratch to replace a character. Overall, I would say the worst of the three forms.

    2 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze, 2 paper, 1 black.
    All Out Attack: An excellent card (Personally, I hate it). With two or more you can do huge damage (provided there is no blocks in the way), as werewolves have lots of penetrating attacks.
    Monstrous Hide: A great armour. Werewolves are very tough to hurt with a couple of these.
    Howl: 2 heal + another card (with a 1/10 chance of another howl), need I say more? Also a good pass card.
    Massive Jaws: Solid penetrating attack.
    Sundering Strike: Great armour removal.
    Vicious Thrust: Strong step attack.
    Mighty Charge: Potentially lethal, very strong card, existence of is good for bluffing.
    Prowl: (Free) Movement and frenzy two too.
    Vicious Bite: Solid penetrating attack.
    Lunging Bite: Weak, but a good step attack for paper.
    Mad Dog (Trait): Usually doesn't do anything, but an extra threat when health is low.
    Creature Of The Night
    Lycanthropic Form: Look at all those great cards. Very strong, capable of replacing a character. The best of the three forms.

    2 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze, 1 paper, 2 black.
    Sneaky Bloodsuck: An ok card (base potential swing of 20 hp), though not so easy to get the back of the opponent (easier with Swarm Of Bats).
    Swarm Of Bats: Amazing card (best form card?). Great for chasing down wizards, escaping from warriors, getting to vps.
    Flight Aura: Better on some rotations than other. Not very useful this rotation, but an alright card. Useful for fleeing.
    Invigorating Touch: Strong vampiric attack.
    Vampire's Kiss: Hmm. A bit random. If it hits, there's a 1/11 chance of turning them into a vampire (this doesn't take draw limit into account), and 1/11 chance of Creature Of The Night getting attached. There's a 1/11 chance of them drawing at least one loner, 1/121 drawing at least two, and so on. There is a 1/10 chance of them drawing any of the other cards. I guess the question is whether a random card is better than a random vampire card; or if you can see their cards, whether those are better than a random vampire card. Hard to call.
    Avenging Touch: A pretty good card, one can always use it on one's own guys if needed.
    Ennervating Touch: Solid vampiric attack.
    Spear Of Darkness: Solid vampiric attack. Vampires have to get in too close most of the time.
    Consuming Touch: Weak vampiric attack (alright for paper).
    Creature Of The Night
    Loner: This rotation was a bit more worse with this than most, I suspect. Usually not too problematic with some care, but occasionally pretty harmful.
    Vampiric Form: A reasonably good character, could maybe stand in briefly for a character.

    I saw a grand total of 0 spirits and vampires (other than mine) while playing this deck, but plenty of werewolves. Werewolves are the alphas of the forms. Also, you can get a ridiculous amount of Howls on one character. Volkov was a werewolf for much more turns than Vasyl a spirit, or Yurik a vampire (maybe ~ 1/2 the time as werewolf, ~ 1/4 as spirit, ~1/5 th as vampire (very rough guesses)).

    The most important addition to a werewolf is... (hint - my favourite card)
    It makes those already dangerous charges much more of a threat.

    Howling Pain is a great weapon. Pipes Of Hamelin and Vasyl's Ectoplasmic Raiments are good items too.

    Overall, a pretty alright deck, interesting to play. This rotation had lots of illusions and sprinting warriors floating around, which were a bit of a pain to deal with with this.

    • Fairly consistent drawing (smaller deck sizes for forms).
    • Lots of damage.
    • Lots of healing (except for poor Vasyl).
    • Bad traits can be quite harmful.
    • Opponent has a fairly good idea of what to expect.
    • Weak against silver.
    Possible Improvements:
    • Bynzer's Black Spear for Count Yurik, for some range 2 damage.
    • Make them less/more likely to switch form?
    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 8
    Luck (how much it relies on luck, 1 being a lot): 6
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 6
    Mobility: 6
    Defense/Healing: 7
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  10. tolkien

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    Thanks for the report. I've mostly switched my human warriors team over to a werewolf team due to the great power of howl.
    My vampire team on the other hand, I still like to use the triple talented healer divine skill. Vampire's kiss really needs to see a buff before I prefer it over invigorating touch. It can remove armor but at a cost of them being able to gain that life back. I've actually started considering using my savage curses for armor removal when necessary, like say, against werewolf hide.
    Spirits didn't even get a look from me.
  11. Killer74

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    Peekaboo - Elves with insight & devastating blow.

    Starting Rating: 1476
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1521
    Finishing Rating: 1467
    4 wins, 6 losses

    Level 21 Elf Wizard

    Level 23 Elf Warrior

    Level 22 Elf Warrior

    6 legendaries, 2 epics, 6 rares, 8 uncommons, 6 commons.

    Inquisition Bolts are quite important to this deck, so legendary staffs are needed. The rest of the rarer stuff could be replaced.

    I lost one, then won four, then lost five, making this the quickest KCC yet. I am not altogether sure whether I was lucky or unlucky here.
    Anyway, the idea is pretty straightforward; reveal the opponents' hands then smash them to bits. I didn't play it very well, though (also, I don't think these maps are too well suited for it). The warriors were lacking a bit in mobility. Devastating Blow can do quite some damage when they work (maybe ~13 damage on average).

    • Lots of damage.
    • Get to see opponent's cards and plan accordingly.
    • Not very mobile.
    • Weaker against elf opponents.
    • Not much defense.
    Possible Improvements:
    • Forgo some devastating blows for some more step attacks.
    • Add some gusts or the like to wizard.

    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 9
    Luck (how much it relies on luck, 1 being a lot): 8
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 4
    Mobility: 4
    Defense/Healing: 1
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    I had similar results with my version I tried of this construction. The main difference in my build was that I went triple weighted cudgel on one elf warrior. On the wizard I went triple armorbane pendant (even though I have phantom pain.) I thought I'd be able to see better precisely which cards to make people drop. The funny thing is, sometimes I was making people drop cards that would have upped the damage on the devastating blows. I began at 1373 and ended at 1347 with 4 wins 5 losses.
  13. SceoMyntan

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    I'd like to see how you would approach a build with a fire wizard and copious Inquisitor's Strike to take advantage of burning attachments, if you'd be interested.
  14. Killer74

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    Absolutely. :)
  15. Gingrich Yurr

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    Similar concepts have been done here and by CT5 already, but I guess the more the merrier?
  16. Maniafig

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  17. Killer74

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    I'm quite lacking in those items myself at the moment, but will do when I eventually get them.
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  18. vitreo84

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    What about having a King Arthur + 2 Knight of the round table? :D or having a Noble with a peasant + an house serveant? :D
  19. Killer74

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    Sorry, what do you mean?
  20. Killer74

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    Witch Hunters - Inquisitor's Strike + Burning Wizard.

    Starting Rating: 1468
    Maximum Rating Achieved: 1574
    Finishing Rating: 1542
    16 wins, 8 losses

    Level 23 Elf Warrior

    Level 23 Elf Priest

    Level 21 Human Wizard

    8 legendaries, 7 epics, 4 rares, 3 uncommons, 7 commons.

    A decent fire wizard needs legendary items really, though the other rarer stuff could be replaced.

    Fairly straight-forward to use: Burn them, and whack them with Inquisitor's Strikes. Inquisitor's Morningstar is a great source for them for a priest, though Superstitious was a problem more often than I expected. It was pretty satisfying to do large damage to characters with lots of attachments. Burny wizards are good on their own anyway, the wizard often killed characters on his lonesome. Had a reasonable winstreak of 8, which is my highest to date with a KCC build. Not much else to say really, this is a pretty solid build idea. Inquisitor's Strike is a strong card, even without adding attachments to the enemy (they'll do that themselves).

    • Lots of damage.
    • Consistent.
    • Great against werewolves.
    • Lacking a bit in blocks.
    • Superstitious is occasionally quite harmful.
    • A little sluggish.
    Possible Improvements:

    Scale of 1-10, where 1 is awful, 5 is middling, and 10 is excellent:
    Damage: 9
    Luck (how much it relies on luck, 1 being a lot): 9
    Adaptability (how well it can cope with different opponents/strategies): 7
    Mobility: 5
    Defense/Healing: 5
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