is game ded?

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Goodwin, May 23, 2019.

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    Would be nice to have some sort of official comment on the lack of anything for the 6th anniversary, one way or another.
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    Someone (I forgot who...) had contact to the devs and they said (before the anniversary) that they would try, are busy and don't promise anything for the birthday...

    My speculation is they either have a complicated build chain for CH or something in the build chain broke with an update and deploying any kind of new build (birthday, halloween, whatever..) is more work than we would think at first. But that's complete guesswork... I know of no direct official comment regarding it. At least leagues (which don't need a build update) are rescheduled (not without breaks but at least) regularly.
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    Thanks for this info!

    Somewhat off-topic, what do the images in your signature mean? Is it related to Card Hunter?

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Cardhunter appears to running on very inexpensive VPS's (virtual private servers) and I estimate costs between $35-$80 per month to keep them live.
    I'd like to think the devs are dedicated to keeping the game alive, but for all I know, there just isn't much reason to take it down.
    Again, I HOPE they're concerned for the game's longevity, but I wish had more evidence, or even intelligent speculative reason to really believe that.

    One of these days I hope have time to try to do something about how I think this game could be marketed a better than it has. But due to disabilities I'm
    only able to concentrate fully on serious matter a few hours a week, so despite having plenty of time to game in between those hours, trying to make
    some serious personal contributions toward trying to really help the game out hasn't been something I've had a chance to do. I hope the game
    stays around until I do.
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