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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Jon, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Hi all,

    I'd like to introduce you to our new Community Manager - Eric, also known as Megadestructo.

    Eric is going to take over the job of administering this forum as well as providing a conduit between us, the devs, and you, the players and testers. Hopefully this will keep you all better informed about our progress and give you more access to what we are doing whilst, at the same time, let us focus on getting this game done sooner!

    Got a question about your forum account? Think a post needs moderating? Just desperately need to know something more about the game? Megadestructo is your man.

    Happy forum-ing!

  2. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to make a quick post to introduce myself. I want to thank Jon and the rest at Blue Manchu Games for giving me this opportunity! Just a few notes about myself so that I'm not a complete stranger:
    • I've done community work for a number of game companies (Harmonix and Gamesville being the two most recent)
    • I've been playing pen-and-paper RPGs for almost 30 years (started very young)
    • I'm a huge fan of board games like Eclipse, Settlers of Catan, and 7 Wonders (to just pick a few)
    • I enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners
    • And gaming is a huge part of my life!
    I look forward to interacting with you all and to doing my best to answer questions, join conversations, and anything else you guys can think of.

    Thanks again!

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  3. Ryuuji

    Ryuuji Orc Soldier

    Welcome and lets get right to the most anticipated question of all times.....

    When is the next Beta Key wave ? :D

    Just to get you started to the atmosphere right now as everyone is asking that even if not out loud (except for those who are already in but they dont count).
  4. Jayce

    Jayce Hydra

    Welcome to the party =D
  5. FalconGK81

    FalconGK81 Orc Soldier

    Pretty much this. Also, can we have numbers on how many invites have been sent, number of accounts actually registered, and any kind of timeline for an "opening of the floodgates"?
  6. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Poor Eric, being brought in to handle this crazy zoo hungry for blood - err... beta keys. Hope you brought meat - or alternatively equipping resistant hide ;)
  7. Ryuuji

    Ryuuji Orc Soldier

    I think you may need Guardian Angel to survive :D
  8. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Oh man, what have I done??
  9. Ryuuji

    Ryuuji Orc Soldier

    Famous last words ?
  10. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    I wanted to come up with a snappy list of comedic last words, but let's avoid tempting fate.

    Welcome aboard, person whose job description presumably says more than "sacrificial victim." Does said job description also include "explaining that block cards only work when you're facing the attacker" a million times, or should us folks stay on top of that?
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  11. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Hah! As long as people don't get too rowdy then I'm on board with whatever. Mostly I'm here to help keep the peace once the boards start getting really hammered as the Beta opens up more. Right now everyone seems to be really cool so I'm crossing my fingers that it'll stay that way. :)
  12. Cajuntechie

    Cajuntechie Kobold

    Welcome MegaD!
  13. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Thank you, Cajuntechie!
  14. Necrometzer

    Necrometzer Mushroom Warrior

    Just wanted to say HI! and Welcome.
  15. Dreadlord910

    Dreadlord910 Kobold

    Welcome to the insanity err I mean forums!
  16. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    You will be seeing a lot of me because I'm passionate about the game active and... for the first time in a long while my English is failing me and i cant find the word for it... argumentative? but with less of a negative sub tone. Debaty?
  17. Scyrax

    Scyrax Mushroom Warrior

    Opinionated I believe is the word you were going for.
  18. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    That sounds about right thank you
  19. bazzaman

    bazzaman Mushroom Warrior

    hi, and hope you have fun looking after all the crazy questions and demands from us bunch of card hunter crazies.
  20. CletusVanDamme

    CletusVanDamme Mushroom Warrior

    Hello there!

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