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    The following is a short list of chat behaviors that can get you reported, or in trouble with players and moderators in chat.

    The official, complete Rules of User Content & Conduct can be found in the Terms of Service.

    For a full list of behaviors that may get you reported or suspended from the game, make certain to visit the linked page above.


    Strict Rules
    Don't break these, please.

    1: No Bigotry / slurs!
    If it's a word with negative connotation toward a specific group [be it race, gender, disability, etc], even if you don't view it as negative, even if it could be applied to you, just don't use it!
    It's not a matter of 'catering to people who need to grow a thicker skin', it's a matter that the word's intended purpose is to put down a specific group, and people should be respected enough to not have to encounter that.
    At the very least, we can make sure they don't have to deal with it in Card Hunter.

    2: No bullying/harassing!
    Any repeated efforts to put down another player, regardless of the reasoning, is harassment. Any efforts over time to do such is bullying- even more so if you do it without any provocation.
    Feel free to attack someone's argument, feel free to even get angry and snappish [though see rule 4]. Feel free to speak about how using inappropriate language is negative.
    But don't make comments solely to degrade or hurt another player.
    Forget thick-skin or personal respect, that's just not something we want to have to see in chat, or have to deal with ourselves when it comes around to us.

    2a: No harassing over playstyle
    Please note, you're fully in your rights to be troubled over how fast or slow players play, or other elements of their playstyle- but you may not directly harass them over such.
    There is a 10 to 20 minute timer per player, and some people will use most of the time they are allotted.
    Of course, if you feel your opponent is intentionally stalling, you may report them for such, but even then, please conduct yourself respectfully toward them.
    Demanding a player goes faster [rather than asking politely that they do so] or insulting them over their approach to play can get you reported.

    2b: No Threats
    Personal threats [such as death threats] against another player are immediately considered to be harassing speech.

    3: No obscene lewdity!
    The game is approved for players of 13 years of age or older. Some younger players may even play alongside their parents.
    Out of respect to them- and the general desire to keep chat respectable- anything intended to be explicitly obscene or is obscene just to be obscene [and thus spam] is prohibited.
    This doesn't mean you have to curb your obsessive compulsion toward R-rated puns, just that you need to keep the more potentially offensive and explicit jokes out of chat.

    4: No spamming!
    Spamming is defined as excessive off-topic/non-contributing posting.
    Generally flooding chat is the only way you'd end up brushing against this rule, but repeatedly posting a link [even if it's appropriate] unless asked for, or, say, commenting 'Dwarves rule!' every 10th comment in chat, might be considered spam.

    Generally, you'll know if you're spamming, because you're doing so intentionally.
    Regardless of if it's intentional or not, you'll be asked to stop spamming if you are doing so.
    Spamming can only be reported if it is being done deliberately [and thus as a form of chat abuse/harassment] and so stopping when asked will prevent you from being reported.

    Besides, as lovely as your monologues are, sometimes it's nice to hear someone else talk. :)

    4a. Please use the correct chat!
    While using world chat for group-finding isn't explicitly considered spam, doing so repeatedly is. Likewise, harassing people if they remind you of the correct chat room is still harassment, and could get you reported.
    Similarly, don't use co-op chat for anything but grouping or discussing co-op-related elements.
    For casual games, you currently can freely use either chat without restriction to find people to join your game.​

    Soft Rules
    Some leniency tends to be given on these.

    1. No posting links to unfamiliar websites
    Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, and obviously anything we can take a look at at a glance and recognize as legitimate is fine.
    Generally there's no actual restriction to what you post in chat, but out of respect, try to not have to make us guess if a site could be to something obscene or containing malware.
    Such links, even if legitimate, are considered spam- as such, you're fine if you do it on occasion, but do it too frequently and people have the right to report you.
    There are currently no restrictions to posting more familiar links [aside from the basic spam rule], though you may consider prefixing any links or announcements you make with /me to make them stand out more, as well as seem less spammy.

    2. No intentionally bypassing the chat filter
    If you make a typo, or use a natural variation of a curse word that the filter doesn't catch, you're fine.
    But intentionally and repeatedly bypassing the filter is a reportable offense, since it's clear you're needlessly attempting to flood chat with inappropriate language- which falls somewhere between spam and harassment, and thus is not permitted.

    Things that AREN'T Rules
    Yep- you can do these.

    1. You may freely discuss other games
    There's generally no restrictions to what you discuss in chat, unless it's directly offensive.

    2: You may make fun of fantasy creatures
    You may freely poke fun at any of the races in the game, so long as it is clear you are speaking solely of fantasy races, and are not being explicit in your jabs.
    Just remember, Gnomes are spawned from the darkest pits of evil. :nodnod:
    That being said, if your comments end up bothering someone, please respect them and at least temporarily slow down on the jokes.

    Additional Rules

    Forum rules
    can be found here:

    You may also be reported for heckling when asked to stop (and not doing so), disconnecting from a match rather than resigning (if it seems intentional), or intentionally stalling a match.

    You will also be reported for attempting to collude to win matches or adjust pvp rankings.

    It is also frowned upon to throw pvp matches for any [non-RL] reason, while there is still a chance for victory.
    Please try to respect this outlook.
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    A quick reference guide, to help more enthusiastic new players adjust to chat expectations, and help players quickly reference the most common reportable behaviors.

    Feel free to let me know what I need to modify, revalue, rephrase, etc; or anything I forgot to mention.

    As always, anyone willing to make my phrasing more easily accessible is welcome to the task :)
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  3. Sir Veza

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    I've only seen this prohibition applied to forum accounts. Several players (including me) have more than one game account, and have essentially reported ourselves in the forums.
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  4. DunDunDun

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    I coulda sworn I saw this elsewhere in regards to the game proper. I'll remove it for now though, thanks!
  5. VDZ

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    (emphasis mine)

    Does this also apply to taking unnecessary actions to waste the opponent's timer for strategic gain? For example, if my opponent is at less than 30 seconds and about to win and nothing I can do will stop it, is it allowed to use up all your walks and poke their armor with weak attacks to waste their timer for a time-out victory?
  6. timeracers

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    Here my 2 coppers on it: as long as you aren't wasting your timer you are good.
  7. Jon

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    These all seem pretty reasonable to me but I should note that they aren't an official stance. The official rules for conduct can be found in the terms of service.

    You may, of course, report someone for any conduct that you believe violates those terms or falls into any of the categories described in the report pop-up (e.g. "abusive behavior", etc.).
  8. DunDunDun

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    Disclaimer: Just a reminder that I am neither part of the developer or moderator staff.

    I've never heard any indication from devs or players that 'using up your actions' is a form of harassment or stalling.
    Certainly, some people are obsessive about such things, and that would have the matter fall under rule 2a.
    On the other hand, if they're taunting you over it, then yes, you could report them for intentionally stalling or harassing, depending.
    Likewise if they're delaying their win without taking any actions (or taking unnecessary-to-win actions very slowly), that would qualify as stalling.

    As far as 'winning by a timer victory', that shouldn't be possible.
    Each timer is specific to the player in question, so if they delay time, they would be the ones risking losing.
    If they did manage to affect your timer, it would be stalling; if they threw their win out by wasting their timer it would be game-throwing (or just them forgetting about the timer*).
    However, given how timers work, the first issue shouldn't ever be a problem.

    *Try to make allowances for other playstyles and mindsets, but at the same time, expect your opponents to respect you enough not to needlessly inconvenience you.
    If you politely and respectfully communicate your concerns with them, then it is reasonable to assume they should cater to them to the best of their ability.
    Thus, if they're delaying their guaranteed win and you communicate a need to wrap up the match, and they don't speed up their actions or take their win, you can feel free to report them for stalling.

    Try to keep in mind though that none of us are infallible, and what might seem like a guaranteed win to one person may not seem like one to another.
    In the case of victory point wins, that's certainly not an issue, but newer players may be thrown off with being sure how they work.

    Again, if they can't make a reasonable justification for their actions, and their actions seem solely made to trouble you, then that's 'not cool'-
    And if the only way you can emphasize that to them is to report them, that's unfortunate, but better than them harassing other people.

    Thanks, @Jon. I've modified the introduction to fit.

    All the strict rules match up, though it's impressive how thoroughly the rules in the official code of conduct cover other possible issues.

    Thanks for being so thorough in ensuring a good-natured community :)
  9. timeracers

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    Though Oozeball the timer is a common way to win.
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  10. VDZ

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    It is most definitely possible. Armor rolls and other card triggers us the timer of the affected player. Having to click 'pass' repeatedly also wastes time. I have won 2 Death March games in which my opponent had 5 victory points and I had no way to remove them from the victory square by needlessly walking around and attacking them until their timer ran out. (Frustratingly enough, start of turn triggers also cost a lot of your timer; if you can still survive for a round that is often also an effective way of draining your opponent's timer.)
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  11. DunDunDun

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    Utilizing your opponent's timer against them is pretty standard in MMOs, for things like you mentioned.
    Until @Jon says otherwise, I'd assume that's acceptable.

    ['That' being a situation where you're low on timer but about to win, and your opponent plays cards that require response from you in an attempt to drain your timer to 'steal' the win.]

    In the circumstance where they're going to win regardless, it's certainly rude, and you could certainly say something like 'Hey, could you hurry it up, and take your win? I need to get going.'
    But as far as being reportable, unless they're explicitly rude or include other delays in their actions to make it outright stalling, I wouldn't view it as being reportable.

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