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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Astrifer, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Astrifer

    Astrifer Kobold

    Newbie channel that all new accounts are automatically enrolled in at the start, in addition to the world chat.
    Bot that spams links to useful sites, like lewt faery and faq.
    Bot also spams useful tips that the community generally agree on.
    Newbie channel only moderators (you can enroll a lot of these as they only moderate the newbie channel) so that people who are genuine helpful can answer questions if/when they feel like it.
  2. slowreflex

    slowreflex Goblin Champion

    No need to divide the community further. The chat windows is hardly a scrollfest. And, people can't even use co-op when they should be (though it should auto-join when you launch the game!), so what makes you think it would be any difference for a newbie channel? When does a question become a newbie question?

    I think a better approach would be to ask for ideas about how we can make access to beginner information more obvious. In my opinion, a newbie channel isn't the best solution to that issue. You could simply add a button for helpful links and tips or something. It doesn't need to be dynamic.

    Besides, people still insist on saying "gg" in world chat (maybe not realizing you can click on the opponents name in the end battle window to open a PM), and it's nice to have some other content to disperse that.
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  3. Could use an IRC bot that generates links to the official wiki.

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