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  1. Juxtapostion

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    How difficult would it be to create Hybrid classes with the ability to equip items from 2 classes or even all three? Limiting it of course to the 36 cards in a deck. More importantly would this be a good idea? I just keep wanting to play martial skills on a priest. And a Mage Knight sounds sweet!

    Staff (6)
    Weapon (6)
    Armor/Robes (3)
    Helmet (3)
    Boots (3)
    Shield (3)
    3x Arcane Item (9)
    Martial/Arcane Skill (3)
    Racial Skill (3)
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  2. Flaxative

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  3. FrigusMacto

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    The Mage Knight can equip two boots.

    Y'know, Mage boots and Knight boots.

    The Mage Knight is bootylicious.
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  4. Juxtapostion

    Juxtapostion Hydra

    haha i knew I was forgetting something!
  5. arkfaint

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    @Juxtapostion: that's an interesting idea, the game will be more interesting with more charactors for old dogs like us, only the newbies need to learn a little bit more

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