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    This is a build that got me a few wins, it's not super-competitive but extremely funny. The best part here is that it's running 2 Hu La Houp's vicious circle and a triple elves team, yet it can be semi-competitive. The party is composed by 1 warrior and 2 priests.

    The warrior packs a lot of speed, the item Perfect Rapidity helps a lot to reach the targets, while thick armors also gives some help and sinergizes well with it. I found Strongarm to be the better tokenless weapon here to add some good damages. Use the team's Fey Insight Tech to know when and where to strike with this bad dude. A triple hit per attack is great, but also get two targets is not bad for you (even if axes are better for this, I admit).

    One of the prists pack a lot of traits, and he will suffer a lot of damages, but survive some rounds. He's role is to fuel the warrior wih buffs, move opponents with the disorienting block and bull charges. Use him as a sacrifical piece if it's worth the damages he causes to the targets. It's better not to waste a nimbus on him when too low of life.

    The second Elf priest is much more tenacious, provides some global buffs but he's scarce on good damages. I suggest not to attack with him and stay out of range.

    Some tips:
    -Use Elvish insight after you have used all the basic moves of your characters.
    -If the warrior dies, you have pretty much no chances to win, so put on him all the necessary nimbus cards.
    -Savage curse is better on enemy to discard some of their movements and block the attack with your blocks.
    -It may be a good idea to spend a turn just to set the warrior in the best position, then force opponent to move his team in the best area for you.
    -Strike hard in the first to turns; this team have no good armors removals, therefore heavily armored characters, as late game werewolves, will be a problem.
    -This is an extremely strategical build, the key to win is to outsmart your opponent, so don't play it reletlessy and move smart (They're elves, overall.. :p).

    Level 17 Elf Warrior

    Level 1 Elf Priest

    Level 1 Elf Priest
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    I like this build.

    With all the thick hide and dodge, your warrior would really benefit from energising move on their boots.

    Also, have you considered a control wizard to help close the gap between your warrior and the enemy?
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