How to use test server [Steam]

Discussion in 'Testing' started by Sir Civil, Sep 6, 2021.

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    The steam version test server works in a similar fashion as old one (you can read more here), but the method of joining the test server is slightly different.

    Right click on Card Hunter in your Steam Library.

    Choose Properties… and then in the properties menu choose BETAS


    Select the beta server from the list


    IMPORTANT the game will download around 21MB of data. From this menu, you can also switch between our test (beta) server and the live version of the game. Whenever you do so, a download will be required. Please take into consideration if you are on data-limited internet transfer.
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    I really wish someone could figure out a way to store the local files in separate directories so you're not effectively reinstalling the game every time you switch servers. One of the great things about the browser client was that you could be logged in to both servers at the same time.
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