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    If this has already been addressed, please reply with a link, but over the years, and
    especially during the Loot Fairy Madness, a lot of players have complained about
    people who "don't know how to pass."

    But despite that, I don't remember anyone other than myself actually explaining
    "how to pass" in general. Ever. But I think the simple answer is:

    "When you're playing co-op, try to take a look at everyone's cards, and
    pretend that you're playing a single-player Adventure. Decide which
    character you think ought to play the next card, and if that character isn't
    you, then pass so your teammate will hopefully play the card in question

    Seriously, I think that handles the bulk of it, and again, it's kind of suprising that
    I haven't seen anyone else say that.

    Beyond that, there are differences in play-styles that cause people to not agree with what
    should be done when. But I think the answer there is to TRY TO TALK ABOUT IT
    before you get all annoyed at what they're doing. Conversely, try to not act annoyed
    when someone volinteers some info on how they want to play (so, for example, say
    "Of course", rather than "Yea... I know what I'm doing. I don't need stupid obvious
    advice like that!")

    The biggest difference of opinion I've encounter there is how defensively you want
    to play. Whether and how often you should pass so your opponent can move away
    from an enemy that is about to attack him, or for a Priest to Nimbus someone who
    is about to probably take damage, or something like that.

    Personally, I rarely ever fail a Loot Fairy map(*) when playing with someone of similar, better,
    or even slightly worse gear and skill... so I tend to not worry too much about avoiding
    damage and care more about just winning and moving on. But other people don't think
    that way. I might even pretty quick to commit suicide (especially with Firestorm) if I think
    it's the quickest way to win, after all, you only need 1-person-left-standing to win the map,
    and if it comes to it, you get 3 free retries before you have to pay a paultry 15-gold for

    But the paragraph above is personal choice/opinion... so again... that's the sort of thing
    to talk about if you don't like the way it's going.

    If anyone else has specific comments that can actually help people know how to co-op
    better, especially regarding passing, please post them in reply. (Or, again, if there is
    already a thread on this, please post the URL... maybe I'll copy it to the top of the post.)

    BTW... using the "/emote" command rather than just typing will (normally) make a
    noise when you use it. It might be helpful in getting your teammate(s) attention. :)

    P.s. The Loot Fairy Madness has my usual proof-reader too busy to proof this now...
    We'll try to fix any remaining typos later.

    * - Other than But a Triffle and "Tomb(Hard)." Obviously some quests and Caverns of Chaos
    can be a lot harder than "Loot Fairy Maps", so more care in needed. On those, it may be
    a good idea to discuss a lot of the moves before making them, or at least pause long
    enough for the other person to saying something. A suggestion there is to maybe use
    "p" for "pass" or "w" for "wait until I explain something" because typing longer things
    that might not been done in time to finish before the other person has already played.
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