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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by yuno44907a, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. yuno44907a

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    Laser erratic damage cards look lame but someow they deal too much damage and they roll 1 extra dice; how does starwars cards work? Does getting a werewolf card mean there is a chance for becoming werewolf by drawing trait? Flimsy block says block a lame damage but it still throws dice against high damages can it block high damages? Can you destroy werewolf armor with mage or armor break cards?
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  2. Rohndil

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    Major erratic damage rolls a die and add the number to your total damage (so from 1 to 6). Minor erratic damage rolls a die and add HALF the number to your total damage (so from 1 to 3). In both cases if you roll a 1 or 2 you'll get a random malfunction card.

    Aside from having Lycanthropic Form in your deck you can also transform into werewolf by getting hit by Walpurgis Night or when Howl gets you the trait from the werewolf card pool.

    Flimsy Block shouldn't trigger against high damage, but it works by checking the card's base damage, so things like Punishing Bolt or Touch Of Death (zero base damage) will be blocked.

    The lycanthrope's armor is a trait, so to remove it you must use what works against traits (like Purge) and not armor removal cards.

    Be sure to check out this and the glossary, most if not all info should still be valid.

    EDIT: About the werewolf's armor... I thought you were referring to the +2 armor effect granted by the trait, not Monstrous Hide which works like any other armor. Mistake.
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  3. Happenstance

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    You'll say that until you draw a laser drawback at the wrong time that wrecks your game. Also some do minor extra damage (1-3) while some do major extra damage (1-6). Like everything in the game, it's risk vs reward.

    Yes, 1/13 chance every time you draw a wolf card (13 cards in werewolf pool, 2 others are traits as well as lycanthropic form).

    Read the card, it blocks any opponent card with base damage of 0-2.

    Yes, in fact you're guaranteed to destroy it because it doesn't have a trigger roll. I'm assuming you're talking about Monstrous Hide?
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  4. yuno44907a

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    i didnt get flimsy block and i have a priest buff card that transforms target to a zombie, it is very cool.
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    It's very good to ask questions about stuff like this especially if English is not your first language! And, just like the forum, you should usually be able to ask these questions in World Chat and get good answers pretty quickly.

    Just asking to make sure you know, on any cards that get played which are new to you, or which confuse you, do you hover your mouse cursor over the Underlined Keywords to see the tooltips with explanations? The first time anyone ever used Cantrip vampire attacks on me, I was flabbergasted. I spent a good several seconds clicking and reading all the cards my opponent played, including the Talented Healer attachment, and then I understood the Unholy Heal combo. (Wow, that was awesome.) Mouseover all the keywords, icons, etc. on every card to learn just what all it does! $:^ ]

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  6. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Also space work as right click and pushing space for reading cards very useful.

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