How profitable is league? (with answer)

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    There is sometimes a discussion in the world chat how profitable league is, when you just enter and don't play. Some are even suggesting, it doesn't make sense when you already have most rares. The wiser know that's not true, but for some updated statistics to support this, I opened today 501 Magnificient Chests, which one could collect by entering 167 leagues:


    Results for the 2505 items:
    • 1482 commons (~59%)
    • 416 uncommons (~17%)
    • 494 rares (~20%)
    • 94 epics (~4%)
    • 19 legendaries (<1%)

    Entering 167 leagues costs 8350 gp, selling all items would have given me 8564 gp, i.e. ~51 gp per league.
    That was less than I expected, but at least 1 gp more than the 50 gp I spend for the league. So it's pretty safe to enter league and the real value is, that in the items there may be legendaries and epics you have been looking for.
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    I'm more interested actually in how you collect the stats? Did you use a script or you counted it manually? Seems a lot of work to count it manually.
  3. Kornl

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    I have an R/knitr script for that. I never posted it, because I thought the Card Hunter Utilities ( already contain nearly all of the features I also implemented (I learned about them afterwards). (But I actually never used the mining log there, but I at least thought up to know, that it can do the same?) The only feature of my R/knitr script that (perhaps?) none of the other tools has, is a warning when the item count of any item decreases over time and below a full play set. (Since I try to collect full play sets of each item, this should not intentionally happen for me - only things exceeding a full play set are sold - therefore a warning if something get lost.)
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  4. Sasoo8

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    Cool, so for your sample set, you established that the lower bound for the value of those items is ~8500 gp, and the upper bound for their value is around 145-150k (i.e. if you had to buy all 2505 items from the shop).

    On that spectrum of value, for a new player, the value of leagues would be closer to the 145k/167 leagues (although 145k is unreasonable and implies every item is important, and 95-100k may be a better estimate of value, if we assume roughly half of the legendaries and epics have decent utility for a newbie), and for a veteran who has multiple copies of almost every item, their expected value from league is somewhat close to 8500 gp per 167 leagues.

    In all possible scenarios, entering into league is worth it in terms of expected GP return, and I think that's a dandy result. Thanks for doing the math!
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