How do u beat lord Stafford's treasure

Discussion in 'Adventure Discussion and Strategy' started by winner, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Sir Veza

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    That's entirely up to you, but if you tried it you might like it.
  2. winner

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    Yea but i rather get other ideas and plus I dont like using the same cards
  3. mikey76500

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    @winner: I see where you come from, mostly; I've been practicing running Dwarves and Elves in Campaign, lately, since I'm so used to running Humans in MP.

    Anyway, lemme see if I can help.

    Your Warrior needs to a hard-hitting Penetrating Warrior with a bunch of Parries. Period. The Copper Golem, the Men-At-Arms, the Mercenaries, Gregorius, the Armored Dogs, and even Stafford, himself all use Melee cards to attack, without exception, and all of them will trigger Parry, though, you'll also want to keep in mind that the Copper Golem in Battle 1 has both Powerful AND Mighty Bludgeons, so, as soon as you run out of Blocks, retreat out of range of the Golem--at least until you draw either more Armor or at least another Block. If the Golem or any of the Mercenaries draws Clumsy, or if Gregorius draws Defensiveness, get your Warrior behind them and destroy them with extreme prejudice. Also, keep in mind that all Men-At-Arms use Parries, and all Mercenaries use standard Blocks, so, if you can help it, try to attack them from behind.

    Your Priest needs to be Support. Period. Between the Golem's Powerful and Mighty Bludgeons AND the occasional Powerful Hack that the Men-At Arms get off, AND the Impaling Stabs that the Mercenaries use, you want either a LOT of healing, or a LOT of Cause Fumbles. Keep in mind that sending a Support Priest after the Copper Golem can only end one way unless you REALLY know what you're doing. Also, remember that the Priest would prefer to attack the Men-At-Arms and Mercenaries from behind; If you can squeeze any Startling Strikes or Unnerving Strikes onto your Priest without compromising their ability to support, do so.

    Your Wizard is there to obliterate the Men-At-Arms, Gregorius and the Armored Dogs. Period. The only Blocks that Men-At-Arms have are all called "Parry", and so your Magic attacks will hit them 100% of the time, without fail, as long as they're within range. Neither Gregorius nor the Armored Dogs have any Blocks at all, and so the same applies to them, as well. They can also, obviously, attack anyone from behind. Just keep it at Range 3 from all enemies--you don't want it being Powerful Hacked or Mighty Bludgeoned or Impaling Stabbed.

    Also remember that killing Stafford in Battle 3 will finish the whole thing right, then and there--he's worth all 6 points, while the Mercenary and the Dogs are worth 4 combined. In other words. Get your Warrior in there with him and finish the job ASAP. The faster, the better.

    You're welcome. :)
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  4. winner

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    I still wanna get more ideas
  5. Sir Veza

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    @gurel2 - I built 2 of your characters (I only have 6 Mad Centaur Spears) and ran through with only 2 characters. I gotta say it's pretty sweet, thanks for sharing! My method still burns through quicker for me, so I'll probably stick with it.

    For newer players still building their collection, True Strike Spear on a priest is a decent way to deal with parry-bots you can't get behind.
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  6. winner

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    But i still want more ideas from everyone.
  7. I'm Not Flax

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  8. Maniafig

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  9. winner

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    like i said before i am open to new ideas but not elf wiz i got human war
  10. I'm Not Flax

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    Use other stuff.
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  11. Maniafig

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    Oversized Pick is a great item for your Human Warriors. 37 damage for just one blue token plus a cycling trait! Much damage guaranteed!
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  12. Sir Veza

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    You betcha! :D
  13. winner

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    Yea but guys I want something with crushing as well..
  14. ParodyKnaveBob

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    winner, this is a forum program especially designed for long chunks of discourse to be traded at a time, often between long waits. This is not a live chat program especially designed for mostly short messages, traded quickly between short waits.

    People started answering you in this thread taking you seriously and trying to give all kinds of nuanced advice. Whether you intended it or not, you've briefly brushed off almost every answer handed to you (whether detailed or brief in return) without giving us much (or any?) detail yourself on 1. what parts of the adventure really trouble you, 2. the limits you're imposing on your own play, and 3. what you could even mean by you "dont like using the same cards." Therefore, I possibly speak for everyone now reading (let alone now posting) when I say, no one's taking this thread seriously anymore and is now briefly brushing off your replies without much/any detail (or even seriousness).

    I want help. I want other help. Something about a human. That's not the help I want. I still want to hear other ideas. I want Crushing.

    That's going to get you nowhere. (You might solve your issues in another ten years at that rate.) If you actually want help, then tell us what particular things give you trouble, what limits you're giving yourself, and while you're at it what you mean by you don't like using the same cards. Otherwise, you'll likely be seen (at least by some/many) as a troll; therefore, some will stop feeding you while others will troll you in return for amusement. If you don't actually want help, then just keep doing what you're doing with no attempts to improve how you communicate, and watch this thread die a painful death.

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  15. I'm Not Flax

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    Crush it! Hurghh.
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  16. winner

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    I need help with destroying hte golem by elf wiz and human wiz will die
  17. Goodwin

    Goodwin Ogre

    whirlwind enemy does the trick
  18. supergeek2

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    what i did for the first level was pick them off together, weakening everyone until they die.
    For the 2nd level, I went for the knights first
    For the 3rd, the elves go after staford

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