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How do I get past the adventure mentioned in my post?

  1. Just have to keep trying with the cards I have.

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  2. Sell some of my not-needed items and then by new stuff with the needed cards.

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  3. Hire new party members, level them up, and give them new gear.

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  4. Replay previous adventures, getting more loot in the process.

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  5. All of the above.

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  1. Paprika2215

    Paprika2215 Mushroom Warrior

    Hello fellow Card Hunters,

    My name is Dennis, and in the game and here on the forums I use the nickname "Paprika2215". I started Card Hunting last week -- I read a review about it, and decided to try it out. So far, I really like the game, especially because you don't have to spend any money in order to be able to progress (that said, I am thinking of buying the starter pack). My party is at level 6 now, and I am kind of stuck at the moment.

    I should mention that I am pretty new to this genre of game -- I've played some regular RPGs in the past, like Radiant Historia for the DS and Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS. However, this game genre is almost completely new to me, and because of that, I find it difficult to get into the mechanics and strategies of Card Hunter. I was playing the level 6 adventure "Diamonds of the Kobolds" and I kept getting overthrown by litterally hordes of kobolds, who crowded around me until only my elven priest is left standing. And as you probably know, priests may have some regular attacks, but they are usually meant for supporting the other two characters. I did heed the hint after losing two or three times, but I didn't have any gear or items that contained the very specific cards the hint mentioned. I tried the adventure a few more times, but I kept beaten to fantasy RPG smoothies at the first of the adventure's three battles. If there's somebody who can help me with this, I'd very much like it -- just keep in mind that, like I said, I'm new not only to Card Hunter, but to this whole genre. In other words, again as I already mentioned, I'm still not familiar with the way of thinking and the strategy needed!

    I'll be waiting for an answer -- in the meantime, I'll try beating this level 6 adventure on my own, but in case I really can't get it done, I'll keep checking back here regularly! ;)

    See you... and maybe I'll get to beat'cha in multiplayer sometime! Just gotta work on my strategy a bit before attempting a ranked multiplayer match! :cool:
    -- Paprika2215
  2. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    The biggest problem with the kobolds is usually their block cards. Some ways around their blocks:
    • Use your weakest attacks first, that way the enemies won't block your heavier hits
    • Chops, Weak Chops, Fire Spray etc. allow you to hit multiple foes and thus use up blocks
    • You don't even have to use attacks to make the enemy use their blocks - they will use their block cards even against Minor Heal and the like
    • Since the minion groups each have their own hand, contentrate on hitting one group. Once that group has no more blocks, you can hit them at will.
    If you're constantly getting surrounded, try to use the terrain to your advantage. Check if there's a place on the map where they can't get to you all at once.

    Which fight in the adventure are you having the most trouble with?

    Also, if you post your current equipment, we can give better advice :)
    The easiest way to do that is go the the equipment screen, press F1 to open the console and type "partyanddecksbbcode" and press enter. This will copy your current equipment list to clipboard and you can then just paste it here.
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  3. Assussanni

    Assussanni Ogre

    The above advice is very good advice. I'll add the following points:
    • Terrain damage cannot be blocked. You may be able to find some Hot Spot cards in the shop. For example, Burning Bangles are a good investment and not just for this adventure.
    • The Spark line of spells have Hard to Block, which will reduce the kobold's die rolls. Paired with Spark Inductor or Spark Generator they can do some good damage. As a bonus these cards make your Arcane spells (such as Zaps) Hard to Block too!
    • The regular kobold warriors have to be next to you to hit you so let them come to you. Better yet, let them come to you then back off one square and hit them with a Range 2 attack, e.g. Stab. Watch out for the avengers and the spearmen though!
    Good luck!
  4. Paprika2215

    Paprika2215 Mushroom Warrior

    Wow, thanks for the quick help! Right now I'm playing an adventure that I've already finished so I can get more loot, but I'll be sure to use your advice. About posting my equipment here... do I need to go to the tower icon on the map and view my party's equipped items there, or can I also copy the list using F1 like you said? I'm sorry, Im not very technical! :oops:
  5. Assussanni

    Assussanni Ogre

    The easiest way I have found to post equipped items is:
    1. Go to the Keep on the Hinterlands (the tower icon).
    2. Press F1. A box should appear at the bottom of your screen.
    3. Type partyanddecksbbcode into the box and hit enter.
    4. Come to this thread and paste the results into the message box.
    Let us know if that doesn't work and I'm sure we can try and explain more clearly. And don't be afraid to ask for more help, the game does significantly increase in difficulty from levels 6 to 8 as you have to try and figure out the weaknesses of the enemies you're facing. This level is about how to deal with hordes of enemies who have blocks but only moderately strong attacks. Which makes me think of another tip:
    • Reliable armour is good for this adventure. Some items which give cards with Armor 2 and a 3+ roll or Reliable Hide Armor are probably good choices.
  6. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    That console code works in any of the equipment screens in the game: your keep, any shop, adventure loot screens.
    (If you're curious, you can check the other available console commands by opening the console all the way by pressing F1 twice, then typing "help")

    This is what the result will then look like:
    Level 14 Human Warrior

    Level 14 Human Wizard

    Level 14 Dwarf Priest
  7. Paprika2215

    Paprika2215 Mushroom Warrior

    OK, I copied my equipment list (not sure if I did it right, though...), so here it is!

    EDIT: Now that I see this list, I can't help but notice that it only shows the items currently equipped to my heroes -- the list doesn't show the other items that are not in use at the moment. This list would be even more helpful if it showed all of my items, right? Without knowing which items I have, it's impossible for you to be able to tell me which items I should swap. Let me know if there's a way to show all my items -- in the meantime, I'll try the adventure again... which reminds me, didn't you ask which battle of the adventure gave me the most trouble? Well, it's the first battle of the "Diamonds of the Kobolds" adventure. Thanks again, and I'll keep your advice in mind!

    Sharpy Axe
    Level 6 Dwarf Warrior

    1 x Weak Block
    2 x Stab
    1 x Impaler
    1 x Walk
    4 x Bludgeon
    1 x Wild Run

    Level 6 Human Wizard

    1 x Zap
    4 x Little Zap
    1 x Spark
    4 x Big Zap
    1 x Dash
    1 x Fire Spray
    2 x Walk
    1 x Bludgeon

    Ardin the Holy
    Level 6 Elf Priest

    1 x Weak Block
    2 x Heal
    5 x Minor Heal
    1 x Light Heal
    2 x Walk
    4 x Bludgeon
    2 x Mail

  8. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Yep, it lists only the currently equipped items.

    But those items should already be enough to beat the fight. I'll check if I have those myself and write a quick battle report of the first fight.
  9. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    I didn't have all the items you did so I just left those slots empty.
    Plus since I played with a higher level party that the game automatically reduced to level 8, I also had some slots you don't yet have so I left those empty as well.
    Since everyone's at level 8, they all have a few more hp than a level 6 party would have but it doesn't really affect the end result.

    So here we go.

    In the beginning I moved everyone to the passage on the right to make sure that only two of the kobolds can attack. (Or they'd have to go around the wall which would take a few turns)


    Attacked first kobold with priest and fighter, it blocked both Bludgeons but Big Zap nearly killed it. Cast Healing Presence on wizard.

    Next round used Little Zaps to kill weakest kobold and wound next one. As that group didn't have any blocks left, used fighter's attack to kill next kobold.


    Next turn kobold blocks Penetrating Cut but dies to wizard's spells. First Kobold Avenger reaches the heroes.
    My priestess has been hit often, others are at full health.


    Avengers don't block as well but do heavier damage than normal kobolds so I hit it with everything I've got.
    Priestess is now at 3hp (would be at 2hp if I was playing with a level 6 party), heals herself.


    Avenger dies to Weak Strike. Next kobold blocks two hits but priestess pulls back and wizard moves forward to whack the same foe twice.
    Kobold blocks one blow but takes damage thanks to Jarring Blow.

    Next turn wizard uses Telekinesis on the kobold who wastes a block card to stop the spell.
    The foe turns out to have another block in hand but fails the roll against Little Zap and dies. Priestess heals herself and I pass since I have no more attacks.


    I can see that the kobold group only has two cards in hand one one of them is a block. So use all my attacks on one foe. It dies.

    Next turn I kill the next kobold with a Trained Bludgeon and a Little Zap, leaving only the avenger against my three heroes.


    ...and the last enemy doesn't stand a chance.

    (If you found this helpful, you can also take a look at my beta diary here. I wrote battle reports of every adventure during the beta and although many of them have had some changes since then, you can still use it to get an idea of the basic strategy required for each adventure)
  10. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones Mushroom Warrior

    Since you said you have no background, here's things we knew going in:

    Tank Often, it's good to have someone who's job it is to take damage. It should be someone with lots of armor cards and a lot of health. Warriors work best. Dwarves tend to work best. You keep this person between you and the enemy and heal this person as often as you've got cards.

    Zone of Control The eight squares around each character are 'sticky' for the enemy. That is, you can get next to an enemy, but then your move ends. It takes many move cards to get past someone. That helps tanks.

    Zalminen's advice is all really helpful. Pay attention to what minion groups have cards. 'Wavering Faith' is available on early priest decks, and it's helpful for getting rid of blocks. That's about all I have.
  11. Jotun

    Jotun Mushroom Warrior

    Your items actually seem viable enough. Doesn't look like a gear issue to me. Your mage has very decent number of lava cards. and your warrior has a good number of decent attack cards. You shouldn't need to farm for better equipments.

    1) fight at bottlenecks, don't let them surround you.

    2) when possible, attack from behind them. They can't block. Not possible if all your attacks are at bottlenecks.

    3) use weak attacks first to waste blocks.
  12. Gerry Quinn

    Gerry Quinn Goblin Champion

    There are usually multiple options, but you have to choose your strategy to suit the map. For example, you'd often like to play Ping-Pong with enemies that have blocks, but the terrain here is unpromising for that as it is rather cramped and there are a good number of enemies. So you must defend and wear them down a bit. Armour will be helpful, and plenty of attacks even if some are weak.
  13. Paprika2215

    Paprika2215 Mushroom Warrior

    Thanks so much for your help, Zalminen! I won the first battle simply by using your first tip: moving my party, with priest and warrior up front and wizard behind them, into the narrow path on the right side of the board. Simply by making sure they couldn't surround me and giving my warrior and priest enough armor was enough in this case.

    Thanks to everyone else who gave me tips as well. I read and kept every tip in mind as I prepared my party for this adventure, and it really did help. Just in case I need help with the rest of the adventure, I'll keep this thread open (I'm not saying I will need help with them, but one can never be too sure). I'll keep everyone's hints in a seperate tab in my browser while I tackle the next round of "Diamonds of the Kobolds". ;)
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  14. Paprika2215

    Paprika2215 Mushroom Warrior

    I completed the "Diamonds of the Kobolds" adventure, all thanks to your help! I had some trouble with the third battle, but I reviewed the other advice and it showed me the way to victory. What really helped were the tips about Chops and trait cards like Spark Generator to make electrical magic stronger -- luckily, I had an item in my possession (not equipped in the first battle, and so not shown on the list I posted yesterday) that had the right cards.

    All thanks to the great advice you guys gave me. Thanks again!

    ...Umm, this may sound like a weird question, but how do I close this thread? I don't use forums much, and each forum does things a tad differently... But seeing as I got the answer I was looking for, I want to close this thread. Or do I simply say something like "I got my answer, case closed" and no one will reply anymore? Heh heh... :D
  15. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    There is no closing feature, so just let it float idle to the bottom - or else a mod will close it if needed. :)

    Also, really happy to see how you managed to overcome your issues in game as a beginner to this type of game.

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