Hammer blows ring out from Celestial Forge!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sir Civil, May 25, 2022.

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    Is this a harbinger of a new adventure?

    A new danger lurks somewhere high in the distant mountains of the Celestial Empire. From there, the sound of the mighty anvil and bellows echo throughout Cardhuntria. A flood of cursed weapons follows these sounds, engulfing the land in chaos. Was the mythical Celestial Forge reactivated? But who would be crazy enough to kindle a flame in this godforsaken place? One thing is for sure - it doesn't bode well …

    Many adventurers have braved the slopes in the hopes of ending the river of curses that flow from the Celestial peaks, but the Tengu smith Kajiya has surrounded himself with a coterie of potent evil spirits, and no heroes have yet to return. Can you stop Kajiya and claim Celestial Forge for the forces of good? … or will you take up his cursed weapons and learn to live with the consequences?

    What would a new adventure be without cards to hunt?
    A truly magical challenge awaits Cardhuntrians, full of enchanted weapons and curses this time. Get ready for 116 new items with 30 brand-new player cards. There will also be mighty opponents - more than 10 new Celestial beasts will decide if you are worthy of reaching Celestial Forge.

    There are also 3 new Celestial costumes waiting for Cardhunters, as well as an increased level cap in the PvE campaign and a new power token type. It's all within the thrilling megadungeon to explore!

    There is more to come!
    Celestial Forge will be a pair of new paid Treasure Hunts for Card Hunter, which will debut on June 7.
    There will also be a surprise in the game, but we will tell you about it next week. Let’s just say that it starts with "cra" and ends with "fting". Good luck guessing!
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    Crazy Dinosaur Uplifting!
  3. As long as it is not CRAVEN BURFTNG
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    (ultimatetoken) Cranium Deadlifting (ultimatetoken)
  5. Sir Veza

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    I actually enjoyed CRAVEN BURFTING. I sold my sense of shame (as well as my southern accent) during the Carter administration.
    Some people simply have no sense of the ridiculous (not to be confused with a sense of humor). Many yankees lack both, and do not understand the difference.
    I'd prefer Crab Grafting. Most crustaceans can be resolved with a mallet, suitably heated water, or some combination thereof.
    Florida limits the capture of Blue Crabs to 10 gallons per day (no size limit).
    Stone crab claws (minimum 2 7/8 inches) are limited to 1 gallon per person.
    I'm allergic to Blue Crabs, but not Stone Crabs, nor their claws.
    I live near Choctawhatchee Bay, and if you could graft Stone Crab claws onto Blue Crabs, my nutrition would improve as my food bills decreased.
    I realize this is in direct opposition to the Biden agenda (or the agenda of whoever is actually in charge in the US these days), to increase our suffering for their sins. (Such as 100+ private jets in Davos for a climate conference.)
    Even as drunk as I am, I know it's unreasonable to expect to you perform actual Crab Grafting as part of the game, but if anyone DOES know how, please PM me.
    I do love stone crab claws, but at $30 to $50 dollars a pound before Biden's inflation, I can't help but scramble for an alternate source.
    Or just eat scrambled eggs with cheese, and try to pretend it's just as good.
    It really isn't, but I do have chickens, and can trade some eggs for cheese.

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