[GUILD] Sorcererers

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Flaxative, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. myothername

    myothername Kobold

    Hi, everyone. Glad to join the guild. I'll probably playing a bit less than usual this week, but hope to see some of you in the game. Game ID is williamgwatkins.
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  2. JosephZ79

    JosephZ79 Kobold

    Hello everyone, I'm also a new member to the guild, if anyone wants to play a game or two just hit me up if I'm on. IGN: JosephZ79.

    Also would it be ok if i had a title? If so i have a few in mind if they are ok, Bahamut's Destroyer, or Scape Warrior.
  3. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

  4. CT5

    CT5 Guild Leader

    do eet
  5. Transition...?



    Да здравствует Маркс ! Да здравствует Ленин ! Да здравствует CCCP !
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  6. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

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  7. CT5

    CT5 Guild Leader

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  8. Druidmask

    Druidmask Mushroom Warrior

    Huzzah! Yay for me, the others, the ones who were initiated in the past, and the ones yet to come!
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  9. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Whoa, @Holzkopf! Holz seemed cool in chat earlier :)

    Welcome all new Sorcererers, your future is beautiful.
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  10. Huey Laforet

    Huey Laforet Orc Soldier

    I am overwhelmed by all the new items/cards.
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  11. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Welcome, new fellow-Sorcererers!

    In other news, I have officially received the title that Inkfingers unofficially dubbed me in World Chat when he called upon me for initiation: I'm now the Laughing Rogue of the Sorcererers! $E^ ]
    *pssst* Could I get a banner? $:^ P
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  12. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Um, aren't these all dead?
  13. Если они живут в наших сердцах, они будут жить вечно.
  14. Keden

    Keden Kobold

    Hiya! :D
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  15. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Ah. So for me they're dead, but not for others. I understand.
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  16. Druidmask

    Druidmask Mushroom Warrior


    Wow, other than the Sorcererers the other guilds are lucky to have 25 people, while we have 114. This is gonna make guild wars really boring. Maybe as a show of good sportsmanship we should help the other guilds recruit more people???

    Also, do we have guild wars?
  17. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Guild wars aren't boring because we have a lot of inactive members and a lot of smaller guilds have on average better players than we. :) we must fight, comrade!
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  18. Druidmask

    Druidmask Mushroom Warrior

    Okay, that's good to know. :)
  19. Starshadow

    Starshadow Kobold

    I'm one of the really bad luck types. You'd think I was a black cat with the crap I take in RNG based games.
    A game I played last night of a Not-Card-hunters game...
    2 skeletons knocked unconcious, some how.
    1 skeleton with a gouged eye.
    1 Skeleton with a pinched nerve.
    A mummy a groin strain
    And finally a zombie with a concussion.
    How does that even work...?
  20. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    For the first time in a while, I found time to play Card Hunter ranked, the love of my life . . .

    @CT5 was there, and we recorded my matches.

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