[GUILD] Order of the Ivory Flame

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    The Order of the Ivory Flame welcomes you!

    The sacred pillars of our faith involve dedication, laughter, trust, and friendship: a commitment to deckbuilding, winning, and quality chat.

    Those pledging their sword to the light swear to uphold the following tenets:

    [1] No resignations with 2 or fewer VP (this loses the guild extra points, and we care about ranking). The truly pious follow a "never resign" policy. Winning unexpectedly through Travelling Curse is funny..
    [2] A commitment to building competitive, interesting decks when the environment changes - that's what we're about.
    [3] A sense of humour and commitment to making the guild a fun and genuinely friendly place to be :)

    If you'd like to join, send PaladinGP a message either through the forums or in the Multiplayer Lobby.

    There will be honour. There will be glory. And there may even be invisible pink ponies awarded to our most heroic members.

    For valour!

    ~conlegium flammae eburneae~
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