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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Zhizz, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Farbs

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    No, sorry, forum maintenance isn't really my bag. I have no idea how Xenforo works.
  2. Robauke

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    I bow before you. Past season, we roamed the lands as we pledged, standing up to depravation whereever we encounter it. Our resolve was rewarded with an exceptional result that adds to our our bands glorious chronic. Even here, in the remote corners i've been sent to, awestruck whispers about our cult can be heared in the allies.
    Never falter, knaves! Keep the good fight going.
  3. Robauke

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    The Meta seems frozen, which is a shame, since @Astroboy123 was sure to hit 5000 points of total guild contribution to 99k these days. I'll just act as if that came to pass.

    So congratulations and thanks a lot for your service to the knaves, Astro. You played a big part in keeping our name fearsome.

    Cya around plundering, Folks
  4. Astroboy123

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    Thanks! Glad to be part of the knaves

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