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    We are all here because of the game, the weird guild name LanQiYing can be recogonized as some gratitude. If you are interested, you can easily find out the meaning. But what it means doesn't really matter, what it hopes to achieve is much more important.

    We hope more and more players can participate in MP games, more players mean more ideas, more interesting tactics and more fascinating moves which can blow your mind. That is intriguing, right?

    No matter how good you are, be kind to fellow guys, give them some ideas to help them improve, a good rival can teach you a lot of thing.

    Try to learn from your mistake everyday and be a more intimidating player:D. Never be a Jerk to other players just because you have more exerpiences in this game.

    This place is quite cold these days, so few words above, anything in your mind, you can message me in game. Enjoy your game.

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