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    Another week, another issue out late. I don't even actually have a due date, but it's the thought that counts.

    Forest Wizards has recently recruited Direndai as a Junior Member! Big moment here, we're growing again.

    Remember that Celebrity interview I promised last week? Well, I managed to catch hold of @Jade303 , and he's got a wealth of information to share with us!
    Magic Elves says: So jade, when did you first get into Cardhunter?
    jade303 says: Over a year ago. I first read about in on Nerfnow.com, which had come up on a seemingly innocuous internet search.
    Magic Elves says: So now, after a year of experience, you're at ELO 1600. Any tips you've learnt that you'd like to share?
    jade303 says: Figure out what items people are using, and then try and figure out why. You need to master a variety of cards, both common ones and rares. The cards are important, but the items they are on are important too- make sure you pick ones that balance token cost with quality. I think another key part of playing well is to know your own playstyle, and try to build around it. If you're aggressive, play aggressive. If you're a strategist, play like a strategist. And most of all, learn to adapt.
    jade303 says: Oh and if you want the best tip of all, mobility is EVERYTHING.
    Magic Elves says: "Learn to adapt". Truer words about multiplayer are hard to find. How's your deck adapting to this month's maps, jade?
    jade303 says: Had to throw in some Cleansing cards and Nimble Strikes to deal with the terrain on these maps- especially on the River.
    jade303 says: If I was still using my Wizard + 2 warriors, I would be using Smoke Bomb and extra Lava terrain to clear away flash floods and acid.
    Magic Elves says: So jade, do you have any embarrassing stories about Cardhunter you want to share?
    jade303 says: Umm not really a story, but a fact. You know how most people keep 3's of everything? I probably have the largest collection of rare boots- up to two dozen of any individual kind, and for no clear reason I have 15 Gauntlets Of The Giant as well. What can I say, boots are the most important items in the game.
    jade303 says: Everything else I have 3 or less of lol.
    Magic Elves says: Speaking of item collections, do you have any particular favorite item?
    jade303 says: It would have to be The Lunginator. That is my favorite item! I drew a figurine equipped with it.
    Magic Elves says: Finally, the last question. What do you think will be the next big thing for Cardhunter?
    jade303 says: The next big thing? I have no idea. We've got a surge of new players, new co-op adventures, and an expansion in the works, so what's not to look forwards to?
    Magic Elves says: Alright, thanks for being here, jade!
    jade303 says: No problem!

    This week is Cardhunterian Help a Rookie Week! Sure you should be doing this at all times, just like that Live Healthy week or Talk Like a Pirate day, but we've got a lot more new players, and they're going to need a lot more helping! Recommended items for this week are Novice Bruising, Electroporter Novice, and Novice Guidance. Mace Of The Angry Novice is not a good idea.

    No sign of Christmas yet, but keep your fingers crossed! Unless the Loot Grinch stole jolly Saint Nyssa's Gifting Bag, we'll probably be seeing those frosty holiday exclusives soon. In the meantime, we're currently accepting suggestions for the paper's name, so if you have any ideas that aren't blatantly self promoting (unless it's of Forest Wizards) or really bad puns (unless they're Cardhunter related), PM me a suggestion, and you might be featured along with the name you chose in the next issue! Until then, Happy Hunting!
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    Another week, another round of typing out the newsletter. At least I've been getting one out every week, except last week because I was sleeping.

    In a rare act of forethought, I planned out what I would write for the newsetter's naming contest results. The form filled in with the appropriate info is below.

    It was wonderful reading through all the entries for the naming contest, and I had such a hard time picking out a winner from the ONE entries we received! Thanks for all the participants who sent in their ideas, but after careful deliberation, I had to go with @Magic Elves and their submission "If this is the only entry, I will cry". I'll start on making a banner with it on immediately!

    @cheeseex became a Junior Member last week! He's going to be a valuable part of our community here, and I have a feeling he'll go far!

    This week is Cardhunterian Guild Week! The last season of the year is drawing to a close, and the first season of next year will begin right afterwards! The competition will be fierce, and you can join the fever too! Just contact a guild today in their thread, and get on into the fray! Recommended cards are Unholy Power and Fireball, Sorcererous Blast, Path Of Knaves, Psychic Barrage, Walk, and Elvish Scamper.

    The new year will bring lots of exiting things to the lands of Cardhunteria. We'll be able to explore the mysterious lands of SC with new friends, find new ways to make trogs less threatening, and someday discover a new Amethyst card for players to use for hilarious effect against new players. See you then, Cardhunters, and enjoy the fireworks! (Unless you live in an area where they are illegal, very unsafe, or cramped. Magic Elves' views do not reflect the newsletters' views. Consult your doctor if a firework last longer than 4 hours.)
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    magic elves the master of thread necroing!
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    Yay CheeseEx!! Nice to see you in a guild :)
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    The Tree Hugger's Paperless Journal
    by the
    Elvish Press League

    We're back for the new year, with a new name! Credit goes to @Sir Veza to his amazing newspaper (newstext? newsthread?) name, which I personally feel is superior to my own.

    Baldore, F8al, and Dharzhak have all joined Forest Wizards! They would probably be junior members, but thanks to the changes to loot drops and the general structure of the game, I'm probably going to change that system sometime soon.

    Exciting things are happening in Janizza, as the new pizza prize spurs new players to join guilds in huge amounts and old players to join guilds in slightly less huge amount. Walking Carpets shed it's status as a solo guild and recruited a team of Cardhunters the likes of which were only of legend until recently, and shot to first in a quite frankly redonkulous beatdown of all other guilds at once. It's taking a downturn to more or less where it was before, but I've got a feeling that they might spike again in the future.

    This week is Cardhunterian Obliterating/Mighty Spark Week! We've been seeing a lot of warriors and priests recently, and with bursts taking most of the wizard's staff strength, we sometimes need to remember what damage wizards once looked like, when Freeze did 4 damage, linear sparks were just lame, and Instant Burn was just a really cool idea the devs had. Recommended items are Staff Of Pain, Overloaded Staff, and Superb Electromancy if you somehow have some of these (majortoken) guys somehow left over.

    For the next issue, we're going to be accepting questions from readers! Feel free to send in a question to Magic Elves, your lovable editor/advice columnist, about tricky rules, deck ideas, favorite figures, love life, or how to defeat all those Storges and have the answer archived in an easy-to-access place for a long time! I'm looking forward to hearing from my readers, so until then, happy hunting!
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    The Tree Hugger's Paperless Journal
    by the
    Elvish Press League

    As many people have complained that I haven't been publishing enough news, we're back for the new month! Wait, voices in the head don't count? Never mind, no one complained. No one sent in any questions either, which may have been why I was waiting patiently before writing.

    Forest Wizards excelled in Janizza, reaching fifth place at 1200 GELO (I can make up words too) and playing more than 450% more games then it had the previous season, thanks to the efforts of all the players, new and old! We'll still be expanding in the following months if we find more suitable people, so if you think you're up to the challenge, ask to be considered and we'll keep an eye on you!

    The famed Pryomonius Akon was recently seen discussing item creation with Saint Olf at the adventurer's convention in Shieldhaven. Our pundit on the scene only managed to listen to a bit of the conversation before being thrown out under the accusation of "Not having stopped even one world-threatening crisis", but later inquiries show that they may considering cooperating on creating a new item for public use. When interviewed afterwards, Akon said, "Sure Flametouched Spear is decent, but we just feel there's a better way to include the non-magical crowd in leaving enemies vulnerable and on fire from a distance." We hope that the fire-forged partnership will result in a new flame in the item industry, and not just ashes in their mouths.

    This week, in keeping with the new map rotations, is Cardhunterian Ring of Appropriation Week! With the new maps being smaller, easier to traverse, and with less line of sight, it will take a deft touch to play a wizard this season, especially with elf warriors being so prevalent. (Pretend I'm not hugely biased and bitter for the sake of argument :mad:) Using one as backup for your other characters, however, could enable you to control the battlefield and gang up on the opponent or put them somewhere they'll be ignored for a while. Gusts Of War can be used to fend off a rush, or move a warrior into a corner and closely follow him with your own. Telekinesis will be useful as always, being used to put a warrior in between your own, or your own warrior with as many chops as possible in between theirs. If you don't have one of your own, Lord Batford still may have one secluded in his mansion somewhere in Campaign, along with six battles against enemies with the NPC non-wizardry of projectile attacks.

    A special treat for the next issue, I'll be interviewing another mystery celebrity! Even better, I've actually decided who it'll be ahead of time! Keep your eyes peeled for the next issue and feel free to send me a message if you think you have an interesting story or idea for an article, it may appear with your name on it!
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    Awesome guild, might i join?
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    Just a quick update on the state of the guild, I should get this out of the way before April 1st. No chuckles today, sorry!

    For anyone that's intrested in joining Forest Wizards, posting here is a good place to start! Remember though, you will have to talk to me in game for me to do anything, and don't be too suprised if I'm not able to get you in right then.

    Forest Wizards is changing its recruitment policy just a bit! We're going to be focusing less on taking everyone, and more on helping the best of the new players rise through the ranks more quickly. (You still have a chance, don't worry!) As such, to qualify for entering, there are a few standards that you're going to have to live up to.

    #1: If I can not understand what you are saying, we have a problem.

    #2: The applicant must be willing to learn more about Cardhunter. Forest Wizards is a primarily educational guild, so keep an open mind!

    #3: Do not be a huge jerk! Occasionally teasing someone in a joking manner is fine, mean sentences that are half word, half asterisk are generally not.

    #4: Skills are more important than rare cards to my recruiting eye! Being a generally cool person will do wonders, but knowing the basics is important too. Don't feel bad if you're turned down, we'll still help you and you can always try again!

    #5: Even though Cardhunter is incredibly serious buisness, have fun with it! That's what most of us are here for, after all.

    Finally, I'll be looking through the guild sometime next month and will be removing some of the inactive members, but I'll try to contact you beforehand. If you're still intrested in playing and live up to our new policies (most of you do) I'll keep you in. Thanks for being cool people all this time, and Happy Hunting!
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    Nice post!
    So when is the next newsletter coming out? :)
  10. Magic Elves

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    I'm thinking of getting some work done on it this weekend, so I'd expect it to come out in about a month given my usual rate of procrastination.
  11. Robauke

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    i like the "educational guild" angle. Refer them to me once they graduate.
  12. Magic Elves

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    I'll make sure to once someone does that, but no one has chosen to yet. I think we're too comfy.
  13. cheeseex

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    were to much fun.....eventually we will become the top guild every season cause no one wants to leave :p
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    Just another update on everything, I've been super busy lately. The newspaper will hopefully come out next week, but I might still be bogged down with stuff to do so it might not happen. I'll try to get some kind of sweet interview in whenever it does, though!

    My schedule will be in a bit of a panic for the next month or two, what with a two-week vacation to my grandfathers house with no internet and a summer job. However, I'll probably be playing more than I am now in the other times, and when I can play I'll try to fit in a lot!

    New guild ranking system is here this month, putting more emphasis on winning all matches than just guild matches. This should be good for us, considering we're mostly in the 1200-1300 range (I'm with you in spirit) and get beaten by other guilds a lot, yet we have a good win % most of the time.

    If anyone wants to help out with writing articles for the paper, I'd be glad to accept any submissions! You don't have to be a Forest Wizard, and I'll even credit you for doing so. We reserve the right to edit out any pieces of dwarven propaganda.

    Finally, I just want to thank all you guys for sticking with me even though the time I've been playing has dropped recently. I picked you guys to join because you're cool creative people, and you're all great friends to me. I'd name you all by name, but I'd probably mess one up and ruin the feeling. Good luck in your games, and Happy Hunting!
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    why would you say that for #1? some things cannot be explained by words perhaps demonstrations.
  16. Magic Elves

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    True, but when I'm trying to read what someone is saying and their sentences are more typo than word , it's a bit of a barrier to communication. If someone is trying to explain something that would be better served by a demonstration, I can always ask for them to show me.
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    haha oh wow I completely forgot to post this here.


    If you want to join a guild that met my strict standards of being make of cool people, please contact @gulo gulo
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    Or @aaronth07 ... you found a new guild and call it Forest Wizards.

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