[Guild] Braves of Glory Under New Leadership and Recruiting

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by s.bussi, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. s.bussi

    s.bussi Kobold

    Braves of Glory is has a new principal and we are excited to welcome new members. Please message s.bussi in game for invite.
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  2. GriffTheThief

    GriffTheThief Orc Soldier

    Best to my knowledge, nobody gave you the Guild's Leadership. I suggest you to return it back to @FcxHiro
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  3. s.bussi

    s.bussi Kobold

    Griff, thanks for your comment but please keep this thread positive. This is a new age for our guild. It is about growing into something better. Thanks
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  4. FcxHiro

    FcxHiro War Monkey

    Just for the Info, you just grab it from the Meta not updated.
    and you said u recruit when u just kick my main member ?

    Come One, Kraken (Gargamael or Sasso), dont be a chicken, so many history plot you use XD.
    if u not hand over bacj, why not just disband the guild for good ?

    Just do that 2 choice, Simple and Easy right ?
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  5. s.bussi

    s.bussi Kobold

    Hello Thanks for the update.

    Please look at the logs. You did not play a game for 7 days. Appreciate you
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  6. FcxHiro

    FcxHiro War Monkey

    Per March 2020, I am still the principal, when the meta log back, it's changed, That's why u just can kick them as u become Principal per Mar, when u fail take the coup per Feb Since the meta not update (u can coup also cause the system Meta not update his log). Dont play dumb with me, if u want to generate good will, why u kick the other member ?

    So your answer want to keep the guild, dont mind. I will gather and recreate, no big issue here. It's just the long history gone, but the game will gone also.
    Have fun for your reasoning.
  7. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I'm not a league guy, but this reminds me of what the Democrats have done to Bernie Sanders in the last two election cycles in the US. While I have little love for Bernie, I respect honor and honesty, and find such conduct offensive. Come on, you can do better.
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  8. s.bussi

    s.bussi Kobold

    Guild Invitation Requirements:

    1500+ Rating
    51% Win Rate
  9. Shanomo

    Shanomo Guild Leader

    Unfortunately, the guild Sucre and I started up some years ago has been the subject of an unplanned coup. Please return leadership of the guild to FcxHiro S.Bussi, I'm really saddened that this has happened, and I hope that you would realise they are just impeding peoples enjoyment of the game. Maybe it's funny to you, but all you're doing is forcing our guild to relocate and waste the effort we spent building up from a small start, this months game points, and putting a black stain on the history of our guild. The braves will be relocating to the new guild Fcx created "Elite of Fun" until such time as you change your mind, sorry to all the braves guild members affected by this.
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  10. s.bussi

    s.bussi Kobold

    Shanomo, you may or may not be excited about the new growth of Braves but please keep your feedback clean from this recruitment thread.
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  11. Shanomo

    Shanomo Guild Leader

    I understand, usually I wouldn't be so brash but as the original leader I felt I had to make this request at least on behalf of those who feel displaced. Best of luck to you, and enjoy.
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  12. s.bussi

    s.bussi Kobold

    Thanks for understanding and I know some members make not yet have bought into the new growth. Most people who talk me about BoG are really excited for new energy and think this will be a tremendous change for us and the game as a whole. It is going to be incredible!

    The next step is to be #1 guild on the server! Please let me know anyone who is interested in joining who meets the new guild recruitment criteria.

    Appreciate it.
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  13. s.bussi

    s.bussi Kobold

    Everyone has been talking about how great the new direction for Braves has been. Meanwhile I've noticed a few members have branched off and started a new guild. Although I am not a fan of unexpected displacement I do want to take this moment to re-invite all of the uprooted players as we are competing for top guild on the server.

    Thanks and please send a private message for invites.
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  14. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    If you had such great ideas and direction for a guild, why exploit programming and illicitly rip a guild out of an active principal's clutches rather than start your own new, exciting guild?

    Real question—not rhetorical.
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  15. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    Braves of Glory April ranking

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  16. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    I see there's next to no multiplayer going on in Card Hunter but there's such drama nonetheless :O
  17. Like dinosaurs fighting each other right before the meteor impacted...

    ...except that mental image is awesome, while this drama is not.

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  18. Blizzrd33

    Blizzrd33 Orc Soldier

    There is no shortage of arseholes in the world, as confirmed by this thread.
  19. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    A regular player here wrote me with insults to my intelligence and religion, (even carrying it to public on one of my YouTube music videos,) but nevertheless raised an interesting point. All the insults were baseless, and thus I don't have much confidence in the related point, either, but I thought I'd investigate just to make sure.

    In my previous post's question, did I genuinely miss a pertinent fact somewhere? Posts say the new leadership takes the guild in exciting, new directions, right? (Opinions—not objective ratings.) Farbs' site demonstrates the rightful principal wasn't inactive (when the site went inactive) for the coup, making it a programming error instead of design, right? The resulting principal performed said programming-exploit coup on an existing guild instead of creating one's own, right?

    If I have something wrong, correct me, but if all that remains right, my unanswered question stands: why bring new exciting ideas to an existing guild via cheating the coup design instead of legitimately creating one's own new guild?
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  20. The whole "bring new exciting ideas to an existing guild" thing is a put-on. Are you only asking your question rhetorically? Or you unaware that Kraken got a mole recruited into Braves of Glory and that this is just one guild doing their rival dirty? I initially thought it was a clever prank, but when the guild was not subsequently restored to its rightful owner it stopped being funny. I guess I cannot pretend to understand the relations between the two top rival guilds, but to me this episode just makes it look like guilds are nests of cheaters and exploiters and represent the worst of the game. Seeing that the devs changed the whole guild system a year ago to try to appease guilds because of all the other exploits and unsportsmanlike behavior, one can only imagine why the devs turned their backs on this steaming pile of wyvern crap (guild system, not game itself). Cardhunter still plods along until Flash fails, but to me guilds are already dead.

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