Guide: Want 1300-1500 MP Rating?

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  1. General Guidelines:


    Increasing your rating may seem daunting, but, once you understand how a lot of players currently do it, you should have no trouble increasing your rating.

    I'm going to post general guidelines, as well as responding to individual posters if people are interested, with tips on how to improve your rating from whatever it is now to 1300-1500.

    Itemization, Priest Inclusion and Dwarf Race:

    The key item for any comp (involving a priest) right now is Demon Charm of the 2nd Circle.

    At the "cost" of 0 tokens, you get the best item in the entire game. I in no way want this thread to devolve into a debate about that central assertion, but if you are interested, refer to this thread as to rationale:

    With that said, I strongly encourage for the purpose of this guide, that you run at least 1 priest right now. The goal is to beat as many players as you can, and including a priest in your group is the easiest way to do so reliably.

    The icing on the cupcake, what will make your comp as close to a Death Knight in WoW when they were unbalanced, is using dwarves for all three of your characters, or at least 2.

    This is an extremely rough beginning, and I will add links and specific items as needed into the beginning post, so expect a lot of updates/editing.

    As a general rule, always:

    - Use a vibrant pain if you have it. Always.
    - Use a slippery shield if you have it. Always.
    - Use team move boots if you run a melee team, UNLESS you have some other strategy for getting your melee characters next to opponent.'s_Boots
    - Impenetrable Nimbus YOLF (You only live forever).

    Here's why you should use Dwarves:

    - More HP
    - Reduces your opponents' card advantages by allowing you to draw cards when they draw cards by using Dwarven Battle Cry
    - Allows you to more effectively obtain card advantage by giving you 1 card to each team member for the cost of... 1 card. No drawbacks other than you may feed your opponents, but on the positive side, Dwarven Battle Cry also fishes out your opponents' blocks, hard to pins, etc.


    1 Wiz, 1 Priest, 1 Warrior ("The Trinity")


    - Give your wizard cold, lightning, 1-2 firestorms, wwe/ww, wow, path of knives if you have it, and a few tile abilities (fire, spikes, acid). Also, I'd suggest using toughness as your racial.
    - Give your warrior nimble strikes, piercing thrusts, and any other step attacks you can get your hands on.
    - Give your priest 1-2 demon charms we discussed above, and divine nimbus items, and some heals. You should probably buff your warrior if you can fit in unholy wellspring, and as a bonus, it works on your wizard also.
    - Literally all you have to do is buff one of your two characters, debuff your opponents with cold, make them exhaust their move abilities then wow them into your warrior, OR whirlwind/whirlwind enemies them (assuming you have a nimbus to toss on your vulnerable characters). Use your wizard to control them, your warrior to be an unstoppable buffed death-dealing machine, and your priest to lul at them.

    #2 2 Priest, 1 Warrior ("Honey Badger")


    - Same strategy as above for your priest, but this allows you to start a card-drawing loop between your two priests.
    - The goal is to get enough draw cards to then feed your warrior whom you have buffed with unholy wellspring, mass frenzy, and hopefully blind rage.
    - If you have team move boots (which are hilariously good) you can push your warrior even if he's encumbered.
    - On any round if he has enough nimble strikes, you automatically can kill one person so long as you have the movement. The only way an opponent survives is if they have 3 nimbuses, or they purge your nimbus or randomly luckily draw an entangle (and even then you can purge that away, or push your warrior onto them). Imagine being able to step attack people from 4, 3, 2 spaces away and hit them twice and kill them.
    - So, to sum, buff your warrior, cast nimbus on them, and then he can go kill whatever he wants. Name him HoneyBadger or Juggernaught or some other meme to signify that you are outplaying them through pure skill.

    #3 3 Priest ("To Infinity and Beyond")


    - Get some heavy hitting weapons (
    - Get some draw cards
    - Feed your priests draw cards
    - Its the same strategy as 2 priest 1 warrior except that you don't need unholy wellspring and you can card drawing even more cards. This allows you to have tons of moves, heals, nimbuses and attacks.
    - As a warning, you can easily easily lose to frost wiz / war nimble strike teams, but everyone does because nimble strike is the best ability in the game for card draw cheesing.
    - Try and get team move boots

    #4 2 Priest, 1 Wizard ("Cornholio")


    - This isn't rocket science. So that's a plus.
    - Feed priests, then feed wizard
    - Cast firestorm
    - Win...
    - Okay that's overly simplistic, but the strategy is that you want to maximize your card drawing, and then from miles away, hit your opponents with firestorm.
    - I encourage using wellspring if you think you need it, and waiting until you have the heals to survive yourself, or a nimbus, or a resistant hide.
    - Either way, as long as one person lives, if you kill them all you are good.


    With everything said above, you have all of the tools at your disposal (generally) to get to at least 1300 and very likely 1500. The only reason you will be unable to do so will be because you either lack the minimal amount of items needed, or are really bad at positioning your team.

    If you have general questions, or questions specific to your build, or want to use a different build and want tips, I'm more than happy to help if any wants it.
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  2. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    I LOL'd. Hope no one follows this guide, or at least that it's obsoleted as soon as possible :)
  3. Armoek

    Armoek Mushroom Warrior

    This was very well done. I was able to get to rank 3 on the leaderboard using the honeybadger method.
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  4. ElShafto

    ElShafto Goblin Champion

    I wonder what's the highest rating I can get without vibrant pain.

    The item, not the status.
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  5. Armoek

    Armoek Mushroom Warrior

    The top rated player uses the triple priest method, so you are not limited by not having vibrant pain at all.
  6. Galdred

    Galdred Mushroom Warrior

    Now the hard part, where do I get items with nimble strike? :D
  7. Turin has an amazing deck though, as well as being really good. I hit rank 2 with a deck inferior to his running the same comp (triple priest), but still it's not as easy imo as running 2x priest 1x warrior would be. That said, nimble strikes are just an easier way of getting that rating up. You CAN do it with other comps or the same comp with step weapons. Like I said, if anyone wants specific advice to the items you have, feel free to post here what you are working with and what help/advice you would like.
  8. spacedust

    spacedust Goblin Champion

    Time to go storm the rankings!

    Thanks Pilgrim Bailey, I'll pick a build to try out and post feedback.
  9. kogi

    kogi Ogre

    I hate you, now there are noobs in MP playing draw decks badly. Takes me 20 minutes to stomp them now
  10. Armoek

    Armoek Mushroom Warrior

    Yeah I was able to get to third with only a Nifty Halberd as my only Nimble Strike weapon and used a Dancing Cut weapon to compensate for the lack of nimble strikes. I've also seen people using Flanking Move to extend their reach which makes those nimble strikes even more scary, definitely a card that needs to be looked at for a nerf, as it will dominate in peoples decks even once draw decks are nerfed I would think.
  11. ElShafto

    ElShafto Goblin Champion

    Yes, I love Flanking Move. That is, until I use it and land right next to an opponent and lose the free move. :/
  12. Armoek

    Armoek Mushroom Warrior

    Any one have an eta on when draw deck nerfs are coming? it has been killing my motivation to play for a while now.
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  13. I'm in the same boat Armoek. That plus itemization (and the scarcity / overpoweredness of a few particular items) is griefing any joy I would otherwise feel in MP.
  14. Kogi, I hate myself too, but I'm just trying to be Ozymandias.
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  15. To Sum Yu

    To Sum Yu Kobold

    nice, and ruin all the fun of MP
  16. Aldones

    Aldones Ogre

    I'm really loving the imagery right now, of a bunch of newbies shooting straight to +1300, and self-proclaimed pros intentionally tanking their ratings and fighting at the bottom.
    Is there any rating level that's safe anymore?!
  17. Welcome to three weeks ago lol.
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  18. ElShafto

    ElShafto Goblin Champion

    Whichever level you are fighting Gary at.
  19. I've seen a few high ranked players using a wiz/wiz/war team. I guess they use CC and lots of move?
  20. Its possible to reach 1300-1500 with any comp. A way to do that with 2x Wiz, 1 War, is just to use WWE/WOW, cold spells, and other control while your warriors get close with high mobility attacks or all out attack obliterates and kill people. These teams should focus on stopping card draw decks by closing the distance as rapidly as possible.

    That said, card-drawing teams are much more reliable and much much much easier to play, particularly with what I feel is the most broken ability in the entire game; nimble strike.

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