Give me a chance to port the game to HTML5

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by flashist, Dec 1, 2020.

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    My name is Mark, I am an HTML5 games developer. I believe I started playing Cards Hunter as one of the first players (it was in Beta or something similar to that). And I love the game a lot.

    A year or 2 ago I tried to achieve the developers of the game with suggestion that I actually can help them with porting the game to the HTML5 technology, so it will be possible to play it in browser and update it in Steam (I believe they had a problem with updating the game to 64bit architecture then, don't know what's the state of the problem nowadays).

    Flash was the first technology I worked with, and now I am working with HTML5 technology which is similar to Flash, so I know exactly what to do to port Flash games to HTML5 environment.

    I would be happy to work on a project I love. And it looks like now the project needs it. Please, give me some feedback about my idea.

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