Get ready for Halloween!

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    It's time to dust off your scary outfits, carve pumpkins, and prepare your teeth for a huge amount of sweets. Halloween is finally approaching!

    Get some figures as it's time for trick or treat!

    Special Halloween-only reskinned items are available in normal loot drops as well as for purchase in the Halloween Shop. You can get six figures for a limited time at Cuthbert's Costumes - 3 returning figures and 3 new Trick-or-Treater ones!

    As if that was not enough, we have special Halloween ranked boards and three spooky new leagues: Haunted Cabin Quick Draw, Candy Fight constructed, and Trick or Treat fixed deck. They will be in rotation throughout the Halloween event. You can win the new figures in these leagues, or get bonus epic chests if you already have them!

    Campaign Rebalance & Radiation Changes

    Thanks to those of you who participated in our recent playtest, we’re delivering a series of balance changes to Castle Mitternacht and Caverns of Chaos alongside our Halloween event. We expect that these modules will be much more enjoyable now, and we hope you’ll check them out! With these changes, the Loot Fairy is finally ready to frolic around Castle Mitternacht.

    In addition, we’ve addressed a longstanding issue with Expedition to the Sky Citadel’s radioactive cards—they will now pull from smaller, more explicit pools, freeing design space for cool new Boosts and Handicaps without messing up existing cards’ power levels.

    Quality of Life Improvements

    We’ve been listening to the community and we’re ready to present a number of quality of life changes to the game, ranging from timestamps in chat to better item sorting to being able to ‘ping’ tiles in co-op.

    We’ll give you a full changelog when the release hits on October 18th!

    Halloween events will run through the first week of November.
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  2. So rad! Thanks for nailing birthday event and now doing a deluxe Halloween! New leagues?!?! PAPERHAMMER?!?!?!?!? CARDBOARD SHREDDER!!!!!!! GENERIC (*AHEM* BASIC) WITCH?????

    Looking forward to it and thank you, Knights of Unity! I hope that maybe I can fill that playset of 12 Pumpkin Bombs finally...
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