[Fixed Deck League] A Tale of Two Melvins

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  1. Lencrennis

    Lencrennis Kobold

    Melvelous: Uncouth beast! Begone from my home or face the WRATH OF MELVELOUS!
    Morvin: Strong words from one who smells of Cheetos.

    As we all know, Melvin is awesome. He's the dwarf-championing, Mountain Dew swilling, Cardstock runnerup-er who deserves all of our love. Unlike trolls. Nobody likes trolls. A Tale of Two Melvins is a fixed deck scenario that pits both of Melvin's Cardhuntrian alter egos, Melvelous the Magnificent and Morvin the Malodorous, against each other in the foyer of Castle Melvelous itself!

    Overmind or general, the choice is yours!

    15 minute time limit
    6 VP to win, victory tiles in the center of the map
    All kills made against Melvelous' team are worth 1 VP each.
    Giant cockroaches are worth 0 VP when killed and respawn every odd round. Go! Rampage!
    Killing Morvin ends the game. You really can't expect a bunch of bugs to keep fighting without somebody with a brain telling them what to do, after all.

    **As an aside, since we don't have a submission thread for fixed leagues, can we count this as submitted? I'd really like to spread this one around simply because it is so blasted fun to play.**


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  2. Can confirm, very fun to play and very balanced for PvP. Matches are close, exciting and fun. I would absolutely love to see this as a league. I'd play it the whole damn time until I was forced out.
  3. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Looks interesting! Maybe you could hold a mini tournament to spread the love / wrath of Melvins?
  4. Lencrennis

    Lencrennis Kobold

    Like the other lads are doing with their tournaments? If there's interest, I can do up a query.
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  5. Magic Elves

    Magic Elves Thaumaturge

    I'd love to play a round once I find time! The more Melvin, the merrier.
  6. Lencrennis

    Lencrennis Kobold

    Need an opinion, chaps. Extreme late game Morvin can sit in the back and win through sheer weight of idgits. Should we implement triangle respawn times?
  7. Lencrennis

    Lencrennis Kobold

    I'm going to build a PvE variant of this map. Which side would players like to take?
  8. Magic Elves

    Magic Elves Thaumaturge

    Why not one version for each? I know I can't limit myself to just one Melvin, as my Dwarf Warrior figurines can attest to.
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  9. Lencrennis

    Lencrennis Kobold

    Eh, fair enough. I'll go nuts and just start making all sorts of crap starring the two of them.

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