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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Jon, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. gto319

    gto319 Kobold

    My first impression is it a solid game you can either choose to pay to get up higher faster or grind it, alot of different items and spells you choose from and it alot deeper then looks consider me playing for a long time
  2. Naliel

    Naliel Kobold

    I just got my beta key today. After a good 6 hours of playing I must say that I'm totally loving the theme and the style of the game, as well as its quirky humor. The gameplay is also solid, but I think it needs some polish (I'll try to give my suggestions in a different thread once I take some time to think it through). I'm also slightly concerned at the moment in regards to the longevity of the game (i.e. would it be still fun after a week/month/year?). Additionally, I'm not exactly happy with the multiplayer aspect of the game. I'd prefer to play with my own party rather than having to use a pre-constructed Hero Academy style one. One more thing to consider would be adding some more variety in the form of new classes (everybody hates the 'holy trinity' nowadays).

    As I said, I have to play a bit more before I can give more constructive feedback.
  3. The_Mormegil

    The_Mormegil Mushroom Warrior

    Remember that you can easily customize your multiplayer party. The "default" one is just to get you started. Once you finish the campaign you'll have plenty of items and possibilities to try out.
  4. hazzmazz

    hazzmazz Kobold

    first impressions:
    awesome game, lots of fun.
    hit a brick wall at lvl 5-6 i think was around white scar, had to pause 2 days to redo old quest to get better loot, it sucked, nearly quit.
    couldnt cancel attack moves like "lunging slash"and others had to kill my own teammate, didnt like it.
    cant "turn" the board , like in RL i like to go around the table and check all angles before i decide what to do , missed that.
    cone attacks didnt let me check all 4 possibilities sometimes i had to try and error if i hit that last monster or not, didnt like it.
    after i finished the game i tried challenges, for example i had to buy another warrior to do the "warriors only" ones, but the lower level ones didnt get xp while doing challengers, that sucks, i dont want to run all the quest again just to level ?! and 100g for a lvl 10 is just outrages!
    didnt understood what some abilities did, tried and errored till very late around lvl 16 i found out that i just have to mouse over it and hold still for a second to get an explanation, should be in tips somewhere.
    sometimes the maps loaded too fast and i couldnt read the tips, didnt like it.
    i found no buy back option at the shops?! why not?
    pvp and pve should be seperated, as i found out i get the items of the pvp starter packs in pve i hated it.
    buying chests for real money is like cheating, doesnt like it.
    when i totally screwed up the first battle of a quest, it doesnt reset automatically i had to cancle it, go to the shop and start over again, was tedious.

    so far so good, dont get me wrong i really like the game, was looking forward to it as soon as i saw the first pax videos on utube =) and am highly addicted !

    english isnt my first language plz ignore my mistakes.

    Greetings and keep up the good work!

    The HazzMazz

    more classes, like rangers,rogues etc.
  5. Ginger Cowboy

    Ginger Cowboy Kobold


    So I’ve played the game for a couple of days and I’ve enjoyed I a lot so I thought I would come and post my thoughts.

    I love the art style, it gels really well with the actual game. I found it easy to pick up and am beginning to discover the depth to building your kit and playing a bit more strategically. I have a party of level 8 at the moment and so far found it fairly easy to complete, but it’s been getting a little harder now but still fairly straight forward. I have a party of 3 dwarves, because dwarves are cool as we all know. One of each class.

    What I can see going forward, and this is just my impression, is that while the game is great the single player is pretty much going to be more of the same and I’m afraid that might get a little tired after a while (although it hasn’t yet) but if it is still effectively, my party vs some monster it might get a bit old. I haven’t tried multiplayer yet so I suspect that might assuage this.

    What my heart yearns for however is a more involved dungeon crawl, as in instead of just sequences of one board combats, you get to explore and investigate around dungeons, I think that would add a great deal to the game but I suspect that’s just me longing to play an advanced heroquesty type game on the computer.

    The UI and “feel” of playing is excellent (which is another reason why i’d love it to be dungeon crawler esque a bit more) and I get the feeling that if you allowed players in multiplayer to take on the role of the GM and perhaps build adventures etc and control the monsters this would be a great deal of fun (this might be the case already, havent explored MP yet).

    Also I read that you guys are planning to tie the campaign together more with as story, which would be great as that would tie me more into that experience.

    I do find the bar for the monsters to be a bit un-readable, it’s too dark, small and grey and I get the impression that if I could see more clearly this aspect and as well as more clearly see any face up cards then this would better help plan of attach with the enemy etc.

    Im not a huge fan of microtransactions, would happily just pay for the game outright (and I’d pay a fairly decent whack for it as well) and while this isn’t an awful implementation of it (league of legends has the best microtransaction system I’ve ever encountered) the early pushing of it in the campaign did annoy me a little, but no big deal to be honest. The best part of microtransactions is the aesthetic ones, and you should definitely get more of these as I suspect they would be good sellers. They are also great forms of microtransactions for free games, as the players don’t feel jipped that mr rich guy is getting anything more in game than they are, they just have this cool skin and they can then browse the store and find a really cool skin of their own they’d like their favourite warrior to have. The key to that though is having a large selection of skins.

    Anyway, bit of a blabber. In summary, it’s a great game and the best implementation of a board game style on a computer that I’ve ever encountered. If the game had dungeon crawler type stuff then I would probably play it til death and give the savings I have set aside for my kids uni education without qualms.

    Also, allowing people to be GM’s would be epic with it’s own progression of getting more monster types etc.

    Anyway, great job J
  6. Ginger Cowboy

    Ginger Cowboy Kobold

    Sorry just wanted to say that I got this impression, i think it's to do with the timing. Your introduced to the Pizza currency and then suddenly Gary won't stop talking about Pizza, which at the time I took as "give me your money!". It was the only turn off moment i've had in this game, so thought it would be worth echoing.
  7. Vern

    Vern Kobold

    Being an old school D&D player I read the info regarding Beta tester and signed up! waiting with both anticipation and trepidation for getting chance to test...... First impressions? great! tutorial a little long but essential for beginners/people new to the type of game, some thought is needed on what to outfit your group with after the tutorial or its back to the shop & re-equip! smooth scrolling, excellent sound & animation. The multiplayer when fighting the AI is fast ... no hanging around in those fights! the balance of the groups seems a little unbalanced.... I had a battle with someone twice my rating ( 610 vs 1035) but managed to down 2 of his/her chars before death overcame me :) also buying your way back into the adventure after 3 defeats ( im sure we have all been there) is good continuity wise. More thought will follow...... I can hear the horn of battle calling.....
  8. Baravis

    Baravis Kobold

    I actually shouted for joy when I got my beta invite--I'd only been waiting for a week and didn't expect to get in quite so soon. I finished up my evening chores excited in the knowledge that I would soon be able to create my party of dwarves. I was mildly disappointed to find that I couldn't immediately do this! Killing the green dragon was fun, but I didn't feel any personal ownership about the process. However, I was drawn into the narrative--just as Gary did, I remember borrowing from high level content when I first started roleplaying, too. This game is laden with nostalgia.

    Having finished the intro I promptly bought myself $50 worth of pizza and set to spending it. Incidentally, the pizza receipt is awesome! The first thing I bought was a 1 month club subscription--I love getting the extra item and, trivial as it may seem, I love that the item drops onto its own special pillow. As soon as I could I purchased several of the dwarf figures and swapped them into my party. I appreciate that the tutorial taught the key play mechanics in a relatively brief timespan.

    After thoroughly enjoying several of the campaign modules--the module splash screens are great--I tried the multiplayer out. I purchased the Dwarven pack and won 12 matches; the gold chest mechanic motivated me to play just one more match. The random starting positions really seem to make a difference in dwarf play: in some matches my squishies would start in a forward position and this really hampered my success.

    The inability to easily compare two items is a little irritating. I noticed that you can drag and hold an item over another to compare, but I'd prefer just to have both sets of cards pop-up when I press a modifier key--that way I can easily keep my place when going through my inventory while quickly checking different options.

    I'd really like to see a deck planner implemented, or some sort of tool to allow me to create multiple parties.

    Other than that I'm really excited about this game! I've been telling all of my game/TCG playing friends about it.

    P.S.- I'd like to see some sort of figure deal: A buy-3-get-1-free deal, or some sort of discount on pizza when purchasing figures in bulk.
    - $50 for a month subscription, several figures, the premium adventure pack, a multiplayer starter pack, and I have 610 pizza left to mess around with: I'm a bit surprised at how quickly it goes.
  9. Malac

    Malac Kobold

    Okay so here are my first impressions:

    -Game is good! I like the way deckbuilding works, and everthing is pretty well explained in general (Though I may just understand the game well from lurking these forums for the past 5 months :))
    -Equipment up to level five seem kinda like a mix of a lot of the same cards. Maybe more low level common and uncommon cards could have drawbacks in exchange for more exotic stuff to play with.
    -Difficulty wise I've only had trouble with one adventure, the final level of Slub'Gut's Sanctum, though this may be due to the fact that my team is 2 human and 1 elf. Any tips?
    -Treasure sucks. Though getting an epic treasure lets me go to the shop and buy a lot of neat low level stuff, I'd rather have an epic Item
    -Club is kinda expensive. Don't know how long I'll stay on it, mostly depends on how much the game is updated once out of beta.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope it was useful.
  10. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Hmm. If people keep getting this impression, here's a thought: Gary orders more than just pizza, right? Like bread sticks and stuff? What if some of the "Do you think we should order more pizza?" text were replaced with "Do you think we should refill on bread sticks?" or whatever else came with the order Karen delivered?

    I mean, we know pizza is of central importance to him, but establishing such a fact really isn't as important to the plot. You could do "Let's order more products which would be delivered by Karen" text just fine without pizza, at least early on. Then later, once the audience knew for sure he was talking "meta-story" and not "GIVE US MONEY!", you could bring up his favorite pizza flavors and stuff.
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  11. Card Hunter Joe

    Card Hunter Joe Blue Manchu

    Already done. Karen is now referred to as the "food delivery girl." Gary talks about food rather than pizza itself. This will be in the next build.
  12. Robert bird

    Robert bird Kobold

    I received my beta key last night while I was asleep. I woke up this morning and had a wonderful surprise waiting for me. So, I was a little late to work today because I absolutely had to play it since I've been waiting for a key for forever!!! So, here are my first impressions. 1) I really like the sense of whimsy. It really felt like when I was a young kid in Junior High in the mid-eighties just discovering D&D and really getting addicted to AD&D in particular. It gives a sense of being fun and not too serious but at the same time Card Hunter gave me a need to complete the task at hand. 2) I love the story elements. My favorite part of a RPG is the story (DUH!). However, so many lack a story that not only draws me in at the beginning, which many of today's RPG's do, but do not keep me wanting to play for the long game and see where the story pans out. Granted, I've only played through the level 1 and 2 stuff, but I have no desire to move on to the next game yet. 3)I do not like not being able to sign out. I would like to know that all of the things that I accomplished in a session will be there when I come back. I hope they still are, but I do not know yet because I have not played it my second time yet. 4) The art style is fantastic, do not change it. 5) Is there an online rule set? I assume that the game will use the tutorial when new elements of the game present itself when they arrive for the first time in-game, but what about reviewing or just wanting to read as much as I can about game mechanics and abilities? If there is something mentioned, it did not make an impression on me because I do not remember it. 6)I like how obviously expandable this game is. Material can be created for many years to come. Will there be an opportunity for fan created material? Much like the Forge for Neverwinter? When I think of more, I will continue...
  13. DragonMind

    DragonMind Mushroom Warrior

    Robert Bird -> It's called the Foundry ...still need to get a character up to level 15 to try it out,
    but between Card Hunter and all my own creative projects, there is not much time, when I get home from work :) .
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  14. Draiken

    Draiken Kobold

    My first impression was being very excited to finally play the game. The first day I played it I started in the morning and the remember looking up at the clock and realizing it was night time. I was so engrossed in the game the day just melted away.
  15. kaomera

    kaomera Kobold

    First impression a couple of days ago was very, very good. I like the humor and attitude - it pokes fun at old-school D&D without insisting that it wasn't any fun. And the gameplay was pretty neat at first... But now I'm kinda stuck (level 5), having to run the same adventures over and over hoping to find anything that I can equip that won't actually be detrimental to my decks. Trying to handle equal-leveled adventures is a total crapshoot - draw poorly on one round and it's all over, and I have a lot of bad cards to draw through (what is the point of blocks that only affect 2-damage or less attacks when I hardly see any that are less than 5 or 6?) I know that the game is supposed to be challenging, and you want to encourage pizza sales, but this is just silly. And then the game leads me into a level-6 treasure hunt? I couldn't even make it through the second encounter, why would I want to bother spending money on that?

    Sorry, I'm just very frustrated at this point. I was raving to my friends at the game shop today (Ascension game day) about Card Hunter, expected to come home and have some fun, maybe do better than yesterday when I was just barely making it through level-4 adventures by the skin of my teeth, figured maybe I didn't really need to run Raid on Omlette yet again... Is there really no better way to advance than to run the same adventures every day and just hope that something useful that's within your price range will actually show up in one of the shops?
  16. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Let us know which adventure you can't pass and maybe we can give you some feedback, if you want to ofc. :)

    You can always hop into pvp btw, but I don't believe your free adventurer pack has unlocked yet? Otherwise that's a good source of loot.

    (also, Treasure Hunts are not really harder than any other adventures - so it might well be you've been unlucky with loot as you say)
  17. CustodianV131

    CustodianV131 Kobold

    Finally got in this morning... since I wanted to try this for so long it would always have been to long a wait :) So you can just ignore my whine there, or get some cheese to go with it.

    There we go:
    Surprised to get thrown into that "end game" adventure right at the start, but throughly enjoyed that and its a nice peak into the future. Think the player is way overpowered, but seeing its the first thing someone plays I think that's needed. Poor dragon didn't stand a chance.

    I really like how its setup with starter adventures after the big opening bit and teaches you the game like a GM would. Learn by doing, my favorite!

    The artwork so far is stunning. The tabletop feeling is really well done! Plus its an interesting world where I want to learn more about. I can't wait to play more and explore this world further.

    The writing in the overall story so far is a bit cheesy, but that looks to be on purpose. My biggest grins came from the card texts, some classics there.

    The card system is really smart and the way it deals out interesting decision making every round would even make Sid Meier happy. I really enjoy looking through my loot and combining items so I get a good selection and hopefully a good hand while in combat. Still it give me a tough hand often and that makes the game even more enjoyable. Hopefully that balance of good cards and crappy / difficult cards combined in one item will persist into the higher level adventures. I want to be challenged not have the Sword of a Thousand Truths and never have it tell a lie. :)

    Now, I did my duty... so I hope you don't mind me going back to play some more. :D

    Roll the dice!
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  18. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Yes, we'd be glad to help. Also, on adventure difficulty, strategy is way more important than level. Try a "harder adventure" and you just might find that it's easier than the one you're currently trying, because you are using a different strategy.

    On a related subject, when you said this:
    . . . I thought you were going to end the sentence differently than you did. By "bad cards to draw through," I thought you meant drawback Traits like Vulnerable: but no, you meant cards you didn't know how to use.

    Well, here's how you use Flimsy Blocks: on enemy cards that deal no damage. Seriously: when you run into enemies that curse you (e.g., Bad Luck), your Block will protect you. And then, of course, there are those Burning cards that deal 1 or 2 damage to start (but then burn you for awhile afterward). If you aren't facing those foes, then you don't want those cards.

    So if you'd tell us more about your circumstances, we could suggest more clear strategies.
  19. Esoteric

    Esoteric Kobold

    Okay, first off everything ran absolutely smoothly technically -- I was impressed.

    I came in having seen a PAX video from a bit back and was familiar with the basic mechanics, so can't help you there. Am familiar with the tabletop culture and a seasoned gamer of card, table and desktop.

    A two-stage tutorial using characters I couldn't keep seemed drawn out to me (what's the point of having leveling and items if I can't use them!)

    Enjoyed the aesthetics and dialogue, definitely felt the personality.

    Was initially overwhelmed when I first clicked on multiplayer and got handed juiced up characters with a lot of cards being able to swapped in and out. Probably good to have a few skirmish games with the computer before you mess with the deck. Probably would help ease people in if the first couple games were against Gary (and advertised as such.)

    Dove in hardcore, have been playing a huge amount today and yesterday. Balance seems good, though I've been using a lot of lava. Could probably stand to be nerfed in some capacity (range, if nothing else.)

    Enemies who were mostly immune to large swaths of my offensive abilities were annoying (skeletons, anything with thick hide) but eventually bit the bullet and put more armor/discard into my decks.

    A few bugs/typos

    -Flaming skeletons burning fists didn't seem to be working correctly? I might have just been confused by them.

    -On the Melvolous Murderous mission 3 the enemies could go through the door.

    -Pools of slime has a typo in the introduction "I'm cool wth"

    -Citrine Portal says it has 3 battles but it actually has 4.

    Great job with the game! Can't wait to get back in there.
  20. Esoteric

    Esoteric Kobold

    Couple more things I just thought of...

    I really, really wanted not to be locked into a move (there's no way to undo clicking a card, right?)

    Took my a bit to realize how you could check which "pack" an enemy was in. Is there a way to see which pack they're in if you're targeting an ability already though? Didn't seem like the highlighting worked then.

    Wish you'd let me have access to the level 10 character tavern earlier. Didn't get it till mine were level 12 (I think.) Would've liked to swapped my elven cleric for a human but didn't want to be set back that much.

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