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    Howdy folks. Still getting a hang of the game and enjoying it. Would like a little info on what team I should be building for my first run through the campaign. I’m still trying to get a good understanding of card mechanics, choice, etc. And it gets a little overwhelming with all of the choices. So far I only have the lvl 8 modules unlocked and am a little stuck with the groups I’ve tried to get work out of. Is there an ideal 3 person team and build I should try to get a hang of to pull me through at least a chunk of the campaign. Any help is great. Thanks.
  2. I originally did campaign with a 1/1/1. That means one of each class. That is good in sense that you have a variety of tricks and tools, but there are modules where you may want to change up and have 2 warriors and a priest, or 2 wizards and a priest, or some other variation. When you get to level 8 and beyond, you really have to build teams with the proper tech to handle the trials of each particular module. Some enemies have blocks against missiles that make wizards kinda useless. Some enemies have melee parries and make attacking directly with warriors frustrating. You may want to consider swapping out members of your team or putting in cards that can work around the troubles (War Cry for tech against melee parry for instance, or Boil Armor for enemies with difficult armor). Feel free to ask for more specific help on the forums with troubling missions, but know that there are already a lot of such threads here on the forums, so it is worth a search.

    Deckbuilding for specific missions is part of campaign, so you will want to save the various versions of teams you use. Keep them saved so when Loot Fairy comes around you can reload them and run those modules with ease.
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    Until you build a good item collection, a 1/1/1 is usually best. If you get a ton of good items for one class and very few for another, you might run 2 of the class you can best equip. The basic campaign can be beaten with just about anything, though triple elf wizards can be very challenging.
    One of the most important things to learn is when to pass. Unless you start in melee range or want to establish a fighting position, it is usually best to let your opponents come to you. Conserve your moves, and use them wisely.
    As @Susurrus in Gloaming stated, build for your opponent. If you're unsure, check out to learn your opponent's deck. For example, melee blocks and armor removal are dead cards in demon portals, so bring something more useful.
    Another concept of deck building it took me a while to learn was the importance of cycling cards. Both positive and handicap traits will reduce your effective deck size and help you draw your good cards faster. (Avoid Superstitious and the more hazardous cards. Nightling is harmless in all but the Mitternacht expansion.)
    Best of luck to you!
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