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    All possible bugs, glitches, imbalances, etc. that I find will be reported in this here thread.

    I've noticed that in trying to note a complete list of all CM items, that I can't search for them in the Keep on the Hinterlands and in Shops. If you search your item collection for "Artifacts", "Citadel" or "Acquisitions" [both in the test server and the main one], you get a full list of every item you have from the AOTA, ETTSC and AI expansions, respectively. This doesn't seem to be the case with "Castle Mitternacht" and CM items, though. Bug?
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    A search term for Castle Mitternacht hasn't been added yet. You can use the expansion selector button to show all Castle Mitternacht items, but this only appears if your screen is big enough. If you play Card Hunter through Chrome, like I do, you can zoom out before entering the keep to make the button appear.
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    Here's the CM portion of the equipment database.

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