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  1. Liquid_Paper

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    Not sure if any of us really discuss about this before but here goes...

    Although Elves got some new buffs, does anyone still stay away from playing them just because the new buff is really not worth it? The biggest problem I have with Elves is their Low HP. I always feel very vulnerable playing Elves because there are cards that basically one hit kill them.

    Comparison -- Hit Points (HP)

    ------------- Dwarf ---- Human --- Elf

    Warrior ----- 33 --------- 29 ------- 25

    Priest -------- 29 --------- 25 ------- 21

    Wizard ------ 25 --------- 21 ------- 17

    Total -------- 87 --------- 75 ------- 63

    Now I know, ideally were not playing one of each characters like this, but for the sake of this argument I'm just using numbers to show the difference.

    From Dwarf total HP - Elf total HP is a gap of 24 points. On average that about another 3-5 Damage Cards you have to draw just to kill off the dwarf team (Numbers are based on drawing cards that deals an average of 5-8 damage)

    I honestly think this is why more people prefer Human or Dwarf over Elf.

    Most of the MP maps we play, the VP are usually in the middle of the map. Naturally, everyone is going to gravitate to the middle because it give us VP advantage. In the case of Elves, their "trade off" is 4 movement card. However, when your just dancing around in the middle to try to keep position of VP, you really don't need any more than 2 movement most of the time. Then if you add in Nimbus Strike on a dwarf, then there is really no need for a 4 movement card. There for why would anyone trade off 24 extra points of HP for something that is pretty much useless in access in the middle of the map.

    I'm suggesting increasing the total HP value of Elves to at least 70.

    Thoughts and feed back?
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  2. Lord Feleran

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    There has been much similar discussion.
    I've suggested +3 HP to all elves and +1 HP to all humans.
    In the light of new expansion +2 HP to elves and +1 HP to humans sounds better though.
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  3. Liquid_Paper

    Liquid_Paper Kobold

    Oh I apologize, I tried doing a search for them but didn't see any threads so I made this one. If you know of any off top of your head can you direct me to them?

    Your suggestion is very ideal as well.
  4. Jacques

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    A higher hp also means that you can equip yourself items with bad traits like Vulnerable and Combustion and even Blind Rage (that is more good than bad, but you can take 6 damage per turn if you can't use or discard your attacks) without noticing them too much. So, not only elves have lower hp, but also they can't, or shouldn't, equip items with these common negative traits, which leads to less consistency. They are forced to look for other traits if the don't want to be extra vulnerable.

    I was discussing in the lobby chat a few days ago about these new buffs. Elven Trickery is nice, but the only item with 2 of them is legendary, which is not good. They should have made at least an epic item with two of these, aomething like 2 elven trickery and 1 Shuffle maybe. And Elven Manouvers... the thing with this trait is that it works when your elf takes damage, and you should avoid by all means receiving damage with an elf. Receiving 11 or higher damage and being able to draw a step attack, even if it's a Vicious Thrust or a NS, is a bad deal. The only way to play with this trait is having a lot of armor, and by a lot I mean General Jelom's Helm along with many Officer's Harness and some armor that prevents at least 4 damage. But that is if you can survive long enough, and you would be adding OH instead of traits, which means less consistency. The other way is with a lot of healing, but healing in this game is never enough. So I don't know if the new buffs are going to help a lot in putting elves back on track. If Elven Manouvers let you draw an attack card instead of a movement card, that would be another thing, but then it wouldn't be a bronze quality card, of course.
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