[Farming] In the Belly of the Beast

Discussion in 'Adventure Discussion and Strategy' started by Drakkan, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Drakkan

    Drakkan Ogre

    Easy module with this build:

    Map1. pass few times, then finish .. watch out for that spell that copies attack cards (relentless mutation?)

    Map2. Camp on VS. Dont attack if they get relentless mutation..

    Map3. Warriors switch out for 3x Boarding Laser or hu la hup .. and some Ready to Strike maybe ..

    Level 24 Dwarf Warrior
    Level 23 Dwarf Warrior
    Level 24 Dwarf Priest
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  2. Drakkan

    Drakkan Ogre

    Sorry I just realised I pasted a wrong deck here :/ (one from Passageways .. )
    this is the one I use .. and armor can be anything..
  3. Funny thing is, the incorrect build you posted is actually quite effective as well. I realized you posted same deck as Passageways and I thought it was intentional. I love builds that can clear several modules in a row without loading new party because I am lazy, and LAZY R PPL 2. Anyway, I have been farming Belly of the Beast with your Passageways build like dozens of times, and have even gotten a Snitrick's Last Stand for my efforts, so thanks for your help with two good builds!
  4. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Hey, if it works, it works ...
  5. When the Celestial Forge modules were released, I was just lazy and loaded up this party to see how it worked. I am still lazy and farm Hidden Celestial Path daily with it. If I have time I do Belly of the Beast and Passageways, too, with no need to load a new team for all 3 modules. I am sure I could tighten up that team to make it even better for Hidden Celestial Path, but once again....lazy. But if I was really lazy I wouldn't be grinding these modules looking for Separators!

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