[Farming] Defense of Woodhome

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  1. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    There are many ways to run this, but for me this has been the fastest over time.
    On Maps 2 & 3 Only Bones armor is present.

    On map 1 the wizards are the primary weapons. Drawing 4 flashes (3 with a buff) will end it in one. I (as usual) don't recommend popping FS until all targets are within range.
    On Map 2 the priest's job is to weaken the Burning Skeleton to the point that it dies in the same spell that destroys the other skeletons.
    Dwarf Priest

    Dwarf Wizard x2

    On Map 3, Solid Mail is added to Only Bones

    If you forget to change to this build and have a very good draw, pop a flash. If they have no armor you might take them in one. If they do, resign and load this build.
    Take the victory square in the first round if anyone draws extra movement, even if it's the priest. The walk back to tank position will be shorter next round.
    The strategy here is to blast 2 of the skellies back, removing their armor if present. Focus fire on the one you've let through.
    The strategy doesn't always work as planned, but even when overrun I've never lost a battle with this build in over a thousand runs, but I have come very close.
    Dwarf Priest

    Dwarf Wizard x2
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  2. Robauke

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    To further cycling if needed, why not go with a no token shield with subtle parries - most attacks of the present enemies do less then 4 base dmg (swarm and mob attacks, brains, burning blade)
  3. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Totally do-able. On the first map, the priest is almost never in melee. The second is a bit more intense, and I tend to prefer the "Don't roll a 1" odds of Pushback Parry. It's rare that the second battle lasts past 1 round, as-is, but I'll do some runs with Granwick's to see how it works out.

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