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    I set the builds above into spoilers, so the post is hopefully easier to read.

    If someone did not realize what happened, here we go. I never looked at any major token weapons without a move. Since there are so many people who like The Hackmaster, The Bludgeonator, The ... I thought they must have something. Until now I always thought, that BS is only good if you are looking for move and damage. But as far as I see, I was wrong. BS has the most consistent source of damage, the most avarage damage and also moves.

    The only bad about the BS for me is that Vicious Thrust needs a lot more clicks, because of repositioning, but also because the autotarget does not work. And there is the one attack of the opponent, which lets you discard your steps, which is pretty nasty. Otherwise BS is just great for farming the Sanctum. If I am wrong, please tell me.
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    One last word from my side before stoping to play for some while. I was overdoing it a little bit too much and I am again at that point were I want some legendaries, but cant get get them and do too much to get them. I was at that point before in the dark times, where I tried to get some Azgul's Orb or VPs, but failed and stopped. This time the items are The Softener, Asmods Telekinetic Chain, Cursed Radcannon and Huetotl's Firebrand. The problem is, I play too much, disregard other important things in my life and addtionally get frustrated more and more by doing so. This sounds like enough reason for a longer break, right?

    If someone else want to try out the above build, I would recommand Sword Of The Lion, The Bludgeonator and Powerpike as the weapons to go. They have slightly less avarage damage than some of the above solutions, but having 13+ damage attacks with Blind Rage is great, because you will often enough have 30+ damage to clean easily the first two rooms in the first or second round. For this reason I would recommand Raging Rock above Solid Rock. Additionally the big attacks and Blind Rage play around Regeneration on the troll. Also the different damage type are great against Adaptable.
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    At the moment I speedfarm Lord Balford's Manor with the following deck, which I also used for Into the Black Forest (the laser build from above is significantly slower):

    Level 23 Dwarf Wizard

    Since I need mostly a level 15 item, it would be nice to farm one of the level 15 Gnome Lord adventures. But I strugle to create a fast deck. The best I came up is inspired by http://forums.cardhunter.com/threads/direct-damage-leadership-wizards.8735/ and looks like this:

    Level 23 Human Wizard
    Overloaded Staff
    Armorbane Pendant
    Armorbane Pendant
    Armorbane Pendant
    Armorbane Pendant
    Robe Of Lightness
    Sticky Slippers
    Advanced Flexibility
    Focused Electromancy

    But farming with this build is only half as fast as farming Lord Balford's Manor. Has anyone of you a faster deck to farm the level 15 adventures?​

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