Exorcists from the Far East

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    I didn't build these characters to be strong in MP; The focus here is a strong theme. Also to make things harder, I decided to only use items from the Castle Mitternacht set.

    Zhong Kui (lvl 18 Human Warrior)


    A high inquisitor who is quick to judge even the ones close to him.

    The Inquisition
    Inquisitor's Pitchfork
    Warding Dervish
    Blazing Buckler
    Vigilante's Hood
    Vigilante's Coat
    Brash Gumshoes
    Ascendant Dervish
    Paranoid Thinker

    Hun Po (lvl 18 Human Priest)

    A tainted priest who walks a fine line between light and darkness.

    Lance Of Overflowing Light
    Coven Lance
    Shield Of Affliction
    St. Hedvig's Black Halo
    Cursed Gumshoes
    St. Elar's Opposite Droplets
    Radiant Goblet
    St. Hedvig's Black Bundle
    Perfect Corruption
    Afflicted Guard

    Mun Mai Poh (lvl 18 Human Wizard)


    A very focused wu-shaman who is said to possess the ability to read ones mind.

    Silver Lightning
    Silver Justice
    Vasyl's Ectoplasmic Raiments
    Gumshoe's Gumshoes
    Silverfire Vial
    Silverfire Vial
    Silverfire Vial
    Silverfire Vial
    Focused Ethereality
    Focused Positioning
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    Love it. $:^ ]

    (Now, would you mind telling us if the names have significant meaning, too? heehee)
  3. j3st3ri

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    There actually is :)

    1. Zhong Kui is a figure of Chinese mythology, traditionally regarded as a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings.
    2. Hun and Po are types of souls in Chinese philosophy and traditional religion. (basically good and evil)
    3. Mun Mai Poh is Chinese for medium. (literal translation "ask-rice woman")
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    Running that much Walpurgis can also ruin it for you but nice theme overall. Fun Build :)

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