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    I put together this spreadsheet if anyone is interested. You can set what armor cards are in your hand and it will calculate your effective armor value. This is the average amount of armor you can expect to roll based on armor value of cards, chance to roll, and roll bonuses. For fun, I ran a script through all the possible two card combo's and put them on the second sheet. Let me know if you see any errors or have suggestions.

    Not exactly how the google sharing works, but here is view only protected link to the document. I believe you can use the calculator if you go to File -> Make a Copy

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    I'll need to have a closer look into this but nonetheless I can already say:

    I always like to see Spreadsheets and know how much effort it can take to create those.
    So, yeah: Thanks for the work and for sharing it with us. :)

    *thumbs up*
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    Thanks for sharing this, I'm sure lots of people will find the spreadsheet handy handy

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