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  1. hot_spirit

    hot_spirit Kobold

    +hot_spirit account..
  2. Aerendhil

    Aerendhil Ogre

  3. Emmeo

    Emmeo Kobold

  4. Bobsaibot

    Bobsaibot Kobold

  5. Stigius

    Stigius Kobold

  6. conanwj8

    conanwj8 Kobold

  7. redeye1966

    redeye1966 Kobold

  8. CH2050

    CH2050 Kobold

  9. 3beaner

    3beaner Guild Leader

  10. Blizzrd33

    Blizzrd33 Orc Soldier

  11. Krisken

    Krisken Kobold

  12. badmonas

    badmonas Kobold

    + (my account its just 'monas')
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  13. yakkow

    yakkow Kobold

  14. FcxHiro

    FcxHiro War Monkey

    + FcxHiro here, btw anyone can contact macizo, Fry_The_Guy, Vakaz, ThetianKnight, DarialStorm, Soularmadyl

    ask them to join and battle with us. XD XD,

    Have Fun all,
  15. Mksaron

    Mksaron Kobold

  16. Abbus

    Abbus Orc Soldier

  17. SerraSerra

    SerraSerra Kobold

  18. ecco

    ecco Kobold

  19. Flandur

    Flandur War Monkey

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