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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Lowlead, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Lowlead

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    Howdy folks, just got introduced into this quirky game the other day and find it quite enjoyable. At the moment I don’t enjoy the multiplayer and as such am going to get tagging along in the single player. But as the headline reads, what’s the best way to do some quick item grinding early on. I have multiple lvl 7 characters, and only have up to lvl 8 campaigns available. I was wondering what lvl is the best to grind out an hour here or there for the best return on items to pull me through higher lvls of the campaign. Particular lvls and strategies would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Gingrich Yurr

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    Grinding is not necessary to get through the campaign, nor is it fruitful. When I first started I just blundered through all the levels. I recommend you just try, discover and experience the levels first and only seek advice if you do get stuck.
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  3. Sir Veza

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    I'm kinda with @Lowlead on this one. If you only drop garbage, the campaign can be very hard. (My first account was a hard slog, the second account was WAY better on drops. It varies.)
    For gold, pick the adventure you can run the fastest. probably the level 2 trog. For items, levels 5 to 8 give some of the good tokenless items. Pick one you can complete quickly.
    I recommend running the levels you've completed every day, then try to progress a bit further in the campaign (a co-op partner may be helpful in this). If you get stuck, farm a bit. If you find you hate repeating adventures, stop. Don't burn yourself out.
    Remember: It's a game. If it isn't fun, you're doing it wrong.
    Good Hunting!
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  4. tolkien

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    Don't forget Mauve Manticores which give great loot and aren't dependent on your team. Fumble through the campaign, look for level help on the forums if you get stuck. The "how to be a better player" is a great thread, so too "synergies and tricks."
    Generally, use ai weaknesses against the game. Ai is stupid against buffs, debuffs, terrain, and especially nimbus. Also use cards that punish them for all the cards in their hand. The masters are always looking for card value, one card that neutralizes an entire hand, or entire team. Happy hunting
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  5. Kalin

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    My tips:
    Only sell duplicate items, and consider keeping "max usable" of everything (12 of each arcane item, 9 each weapons and divine items, 1 each treasures, 3 each everything else).

    If you have extra gold, recruit new chars and level them up. It's useful to have one of every race/class combo, and you'll eventually want 3 of each combo. If a char is two levels (or more) below the adventure level, they will gain 20 XP (the exact amount needed to gain a level).

    The other advice given here is good, but be warned that Mauve Manticores tend to be harder and more random than normal adventures. But they use premade decks, so it won't matter if you haven't gotten the good items yet, and they'll expose you to lots of the more unusual cards in the game and even let you play with the ones only found in monster decks.

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