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    I've read through the 70+ pages of the Card Ideas thread to bring you some interesting drawback card ideas. Because reading through all of those pages is a daunting task and since we had begun repeating ourselves I'm creating several new threads. Warning: I've included lots of my own submissions. Feel free to post your drawback card ideas here or at the Card Ideas thread. Or give corrections, quality suggestions, or slot suggestions to those posted.

    Mana Spike
    Tar Quality: Hybrid Attack/Drawback Arcane. Damage 4 Range 6
    Mandatory Action If you cannot target another character do 4 unpreventable arcane damage to yourself.

    Drawback. Tar Quality. Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
    At the beginning of your turn, all enemies in your line of sight draw a card (and turn to face you.)
    Duration 1.
    @Vlamona (with a small addition by me.)

    Tar quality Drawback
    Trait. Duration 2. Add 3 to armor rolls and block rolls against all attacks played by this character.

    Brittle Armor
    Black quality Drawback.
    Trait. Armor cards lose "keep" keywords in their armor section duration 2

    Paper quality drawback
    Trait. Duration 2. Attach to yourself. You cannot be targeted by assist cards. Assist cards have no effect on you. Immune to sonic.

    Impaired Vision
    Drawback trait
    Character may only target in forward cone.

    Blunt Weapon
    Handicap, Tar Quality
    Play Effect: 'Trait. Attach this card to yourself, Duration 3.'
    Reaction: 'Add Unbuffable to any Melee Attack you play. Keep.'
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    A Weakness
    Handicap, tar quality
    Your armor has no effect.

    I'm trying to create a handicap that would sit in your hand that wouldn't allow you to use any armor, attachment or in hand, but would allow you to block.
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    Did you know that this would be the worst handicap if this existed? Because this doesn't draw a card and the effect is a handicap I would avoid putting it in my decks but unlike the other non-drawing tars you can't play this so the handicap is going to hard to get rid of. The effect being your armor is useless is pretty annoying. So worst handicap ever. Also your card is worded incorrectly, I think it would be better worded: "Cards that affect you do not apply the Armor keyword."
    Edit: I just noticed that in the opening post you don't even use consistent styles / terms.
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    "Your card is worded correctly..."
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    I can't understand what you are trying to say.
    EDIT: After looking over the quoted post I found my mistake.
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    I was trying to make a card for a monster that would be nigh impervious except when it drew this card. I decided not to go in that direction. Dropped Guard is good enough.
    I am trying to make worse drawbacks. Most of our trait drawbacks are secretly bronze quality according to Flaxative. So when I'm trying to craft something with a real drawback, sometimes a dead draw is worse than a negative trait.
    I'll try to go back and see how you've formatted your card idea posts to get an idea for what you expect. For now, I'll just "format" them however I feel since it's not like any of these are going to be made any time soon...or ever.
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    Spontaneous Combustion
    Drawback, Damage 2
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Burning 3, Duration 2.
    "Uh-oh." - Famous last words @Frostguard

    Curse of Fatigue
    Attack, Magic Unholy, Range 4
    Attach to target. Target may not draw cards. Duration 1. @Frostguard

    Reckless Assault
    Boost/Handicap, warrior card. Mandatory Action. Draw a card and attach to self: Damage you deal and damage you take is doubled. Duration 2. @Super4011

    Heavy Blade
    When you play an attack card, take 1 slashing damage. Duration 2. @PULSEFIRE

    Tar Quality
    Cannot target Characters below half health.

    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Encumber 1, subtract one point of damage from every melee attack you play. Duration 2.
    Even the best warriors might be defeated by fatigue. @Frostguard

    Handicap. Tar quality.
    Trait. Whenever you attack, change the target to a random ally within range. Roll 4+. Duration 3.


    Handicap. Tar Quality.
    Trait. After you attack turn opposite your target. Duration 3.

    Angelic Revenge
    Handicap. Tar Quality.
    Trait. If any opponent is below full health, you are Stunned . Duration 1.

    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. You may not target enemies from behind. Duration 2. @Frostguard

    Weighted Boots
    Boot card only.
    Bronze quality.
    Hybrid boost/drawback
    Encumber 1. Keep.

    Drawback tar quality
    Trait. Attach to yourself. At the end of the turn, discard your oldest card. Duration 2.


    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. You have no zone of control. Duration 2.
    Best case scenario, only your pride is crushed.

    Bestial (Probably for some melee monsters - a minotaur comes somehow in mind -)
    Handicap - Duration 3
    If an enemy is in range of one of your attacks, your attacks gain Mandatory Action.
    If no enemies are in range of your attacks, your moves gain Mandatory Action; you can only move closer to enemies. @WexMajor

    Trait. Attach to yourself. Duration 3.
    When you are affected by a card used by an ally, you turn to face them. You may block cards played by allies. @Fanturluche

    Trait. Duration 2. When you move, you must end that move next to blocking terrain.
    "An odd kind of plant, and an odder kind of person." -Hilda Greenthumb @Maniafig

    Attach to self - Duration 1

    I was about to... let me think....Nope, I forgot. @WexMajor

    Blood Bond
    handicap, Magic Unholy, Trait.
    Attach to yourself. When you deal damage, you take the same amount of damage. Duration 1. [Edit mine]
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    I somehow missed monologue in the original thread.
    It's brilliant.
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