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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by jimmycwxx, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. jimmycwxx

    jimmycwxx Kobold

    Hi I'm Dooooom.
    I am new in this game, just share some of my opinion of deck.
    my deck was inspired by nictus and room9,
    give me some suggestions :)

    No Instant Noodles[Room9]
    Level 1 Dwarf Wizard

    Call Me Creator[Room9]
    Level 18 Dwarf Warrior

    Will Never Open Chest[D]
    Level 1 Dwarf Priest
    Cursed Radcannon
    Darkblood Glaive
    Savage Plates
    Throon's Quick Laser Shield
    Werewolf Boots
    Atomic Drop Console
    Skull Of Savage Iljin
    Atomic Drop Console
    Apprentice Ferocity
    Novice Piety

    1 x Inspiring Presence
    2 x Altruism
    1 x Thickened Mail
    6 x Savage Curse
    1 x Wild Run
    7 x Radiation Bomb
    3 x Blind Rage
    1 x Laser Block
    1 x Minor Heal
    2 x Unholy Energy
    1 x Polearm Slash
    1 x Invigorating Touch
    2 x Flanking Move
    1 x Nimble Strike
    1 x Desperate Block
    2 x Mind Worm
    1 x Dodge
    1 x Subtle Parry
    1 x Mass Frenzy

    ABOUT the wizard, I think it's better to use Advanced Levitation than Electroscopic Novice, CUZ it's have higher probability to draw the Arcane burst.
    IF we use Advanced Levitation and ignore the hover and blind rage. IT'S 14/31 ( 45.16%) to draw a Arcane burst.
    IF we use Electroscopic Novice and ignore the hover and blind rage. ALSO, I WILL use that minor token for sticky slipper, IT'S 12/27 (44.44) to draw a Arcane burst.
    STILL LOWER than 45.16%

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  2. Lucky Dice

    Lucky Dice Thaumaturge

    We kinda... can't see anything.
  3. jimmycwxx

    jimmycwxx Kobold

    really...let me check, really sorry
  4. jimmycwxx

    jimmycwxx Kobold

    hi can you see the pic now? i edit the size and hopefully it works
  5. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Hi Dooooom.

    Please check this:
    1. Go to your (multiplayer) Keep.
    2. Load your desired party / character.
    3. Hit F1 twice (or F2 once) to open the console.
    4. Type "partyanddecksbbcode" (without quotes) and hit enter. This copies a player's build to clipboard.
    5. Hit F1 to close the console.
    6. Paste the build on the forum.
  6. jimmycwxx

    jimmycwxx Kobold

    thank you so much
    I don't know that before lol
    it's really help me cuz i thought the player's build is typed by players and i thought it's tedious so i just did the screenshot
  7. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    I admire the passion, dedication and support on display here if you sport this kind of gear and still claim to be new.
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  8. jimmycwxx

    jimmycwxx Kobold

    ye but i'm really new in this game lol
    in order to catch up the other players i opened a lot of epic chests
  9. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    you should run electroporter novice for the spark generator and spark inductor traits, they give your arcane bursts and your control hard to block. It is invaluable and ridicilously underpriced on electroporter novice, though any skill with those arcane traits will do.
  10. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

    So this is what US$ 400-500 gets you in terms of items.

    I don't want to suggest anything for the wiz and the warr because there is literally nothing new; everything has been discussed before, including Robauke's comment. If you're willing to spend a lot to "catch up with other players" you might as well do some forum digging.

    As for your priest, it seems like you tried maximizing the number of Radiation Bombs and Savage Curse instead of going for overall consistency and coherence. Skull of Savage Iljin is good not just because Savage Curse is underpriced when applied to bursts but because Inspiring Presence is a perfect fit with it at a tokenless cost. I would much prefer 2x Cursed Radcannon with 3x Skull of Savage Iljin, with a Parrying Buckler.
  11. Han Lee

    Han Lee Guild Leader

    Hmm... I would try... 2x amulet of inspiration, cursed radcannon, darkblood glaive, and skull of savage iljin. Since you have ~50% chance of drawing a burst, savage curse your wizard, unload, inspire, burst, inspire, burst, etc.... If you need some finishing moves, you can always savage curse yourself and use a big melee attack from the glaive.
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  12. Jezterscap

    Jezterscap Lizardman Priest

    like rob said, getting hard to block on your savage cursed arcane bursts is much more important. I would probably use focused electromancy over electroporter novice for consistency and you wont push your other buffs/traits off as much.
  13. Jezterscap

    Jezterscap Lizardman Priest

    Novice ablution on your priest seems like a better fit as you don't have many holy cards for altruism.

    If you swap him to the first slot he will purge blind rage/enemy debuffs from your other guys too before they activate.
  14. jimmycwxx

    jimmycwxx Kobold

    niiiiiice!let me try!
  15. jimmycwxx

    jimmycwxx Kobold

    i try that before but too blind rage, and too many unholy energy. which is not as good as i expect.

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