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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Player1, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Player1

    Player1 Mushroom Warrior

    Here is one possible setup:


    Level 1 Human Wizard

    1 x Wild Run
    2 x Acid Jet
    4 x Whirlwind
    2 x Frost Jolt
    3 x Fright
    1 x Vulnerable
    2 x Hover
    1 x Run, Team!
    1 x Sprint

    Level 20 Dwarf Warrior

    6 x Bludgeon
    1 x Icy Block
    1 x Immovable
    2 x Charge
    2 x Bruiser
    1 x Weak Chop
    2 x Mail

    Level 10 Dwarf Priest

    1 x Icy Block
    1 x Minor Heal
    1 x Purge
    2 x Charge
    1 x Immovable
    2 x Altruism
    1 x Weak Chop

    There is a lot of flexibility in how to slot the warrior or priest. (2 warriors is ok too but I don't have that many infused great clubs :( ) The basic idea on how to play the deck is simple. You use the priest buffs to stall for tempo and let your opponent use his moves. After he does, use WW(E) on the wizard and hope for the best!

    The biggest advantage of this setup is that the items are easy to come by and allows you to win against people with much better gears.

    ========= WARNING =========
    You need to have a very thick skin to play this build as flaming by your opponent is frequent and expected. You have been warned.
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  2. Decks like these are so freaking annoying :)

    At first I thought "Two Pearwood Staffs, no thanks", but then I realized that the wizard doesn't really have that many attack cards. This might be one of the few builds where Fright is not as brutal. What has your experience been? Does Fright cost you the win often?
  3. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    Huh... interesting to use the priest buffs as a stall. I'd been contemplating a similar build, except loading the priest with Nimbus to protect the warrior (and in case the WWE goes bad).
  4. Player1

    Player1 Mushroom Warrior

    Hard to say. Since victories and defeats are usually decided by WW(E) placement.
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  5. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

  6. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Nice. Almost 1/3 traits, and 11 wind effects out of 27 effective cards. Sounds like you'll often start a game with WW in hand :)
  7. Player1

    Player1 Mushroom Warrior

    Yea thats true. But obliterating bludgeon + AOA for OMG lucky 1 hit KOness. Fits with the theme of deck :D
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  8. Martin K

    Martin K Goblin Champion

    I guess the best strategy against such a deck is to kill the warrior or the cleric first. The wizard doesn't know which team he's playing for anyway.

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