Death in the Family

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    Today, I learned we lost a Card Hunter. Okay, more like I lost a Card Hunter, but anyway. Old friend of mine, met in high school over twenty years ago, we each even transitioned (on a pretty different time table) from sectarian "denominational" upbringing to skepticism to Christianity.

    Thorland—his username, based on his lifelong love of history and military— only played CH for 21 hours according to Steam, but he enjoyed what little he did, even buying the Expedition to the Sky Citadel bundle almost immediately. (You can tell from his profiles he's a campaigner—not a PvPer, heheh.)

    A shocking (because of his young age) illness befell him a few short years ago. He gradually pulled out of full-body paralysis—he's a trooper $:^ J —but even with that little info, you can deduce his circumstance changed thenceforth.

    In life, the world at large rarely got to see much of him, in my estimation. He's contextually quiet and stoic, loud and boisterous. He's an engineer, a problem solver, a barrel of laughs, a rich storyteller, and a spy. I neither joke nor exaggerate about that last one. He worked as a wonderful spy, and obviously, that part of his life will remain the least known to the great majority people on earth.

    I know I'm really the only Cardhuntrian who ever knew him. He's a great guy. I expect plenty of people here figure his personhood has dissipated into the universe, his corpse a thing left behind. I indeed affirm the latter, but because of textual and historical evidences, I also (instead of the former) affirm he obeyed what was necessary to become an adopted child of God—a brother to Christ Jesus—then lived in grateful and loving faith at the end to the best of my knowledge (hey, I can only read actions, not hearts), and thus got to retire from the battles of this earth, now resting in a paradise "waiting room" (as I describe "the Hadean realm" put forth in Luke 16) until judgment ends the space-time continuum and passes over us all. Meaning, in short, I'm only disappointed we didn't get to play more games together; I'm glad he finally got to get outta here! $:^ D

    Oh, oh, and since he himself is/was a Giant Dwarf (a jumbo shrimp! lol), I'll finish as such.

    remembering his life

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    celebrating his death!

    what's left here | the reward to come

    $:^ )
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    I'm sorry for your loss, bro. And for mine in never meeting him.
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    Well done, Bob. Well done. Sounds like the kind of guy I'd've liked to have known, myself.

    Sleep well, Thorland, wherever you are.

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