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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Time4Pizza, May 30, 2013.

  1. Time4Pizza

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    Question: How customizable is the deck? Is there a link to where deck construction is explained?

    I understand that the cards you hold are tied to your items, but I have some more specific questions:

    1. Is there a maximum deck size?
    2. What happens when you run out of cards to draw?
    3. If there is no maximum deck size, wouldn't only equipping say two or three of your most powerful items makes sense? Therefore you would not draw the weaker items' cards.
    4. Is maximum deck size effected by the number of item slots your character has gained?

    My concern is this: when playing Magic: The Gathering skilled players almost always try to get their deck down to 60-70 cards. You want the smallest deck possible to reduce the randomness of the draw and to only play your most powerful cards/combinations. Deck size is a critical concern is games such as this, so I would like some clarity on how that is handled. Thanks guys.
  2. Grombak

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    1. Not really. Its limited to the number of Item slots you have, which depends on the level of the character.
    2. dunno... yet.
    3. If you dont equip an Item to a slot, you still have some cards bound to it. For example, if you do not equip any boots, you just have 3 regular movement cards. And a powerful item often comes with a drawback, like a sword that have, say, 4 awesome cards, 1 waek card and a bad one.
    4. yes.
  3. 2. from some of the game play videos it looks liked the discard pile was recycled when you run out of cards to draw.
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  5. Grombak

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    good to know.
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    Isn't it awesome that Magic designers were consultants on this game? Even if Blue Manchu didn't already know, they have surely learned the lesson by now.

    And thus Jon said this:
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    Here Here. Thanks guys.
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    Yeah, rly good to know.

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