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  1. The Siege


    *insert flavor text*

    There was talk on the forums about making (fake) 3-d maps. I decided to combine this with my previous idea of making a big wall that is being attacked by an enemy army. Pretty straightforward stuff really. I probably stole this from Game of Thrones.

    Enemy army
    Originally I wanted to have two human armies battle it out but the insane amounts of blocking made it really boring. I tested different kinds of races and finally settled on gnomes. I might change this later, or even make different scenarios with different mobs. Mr. Whambulance was observing my test and suggested a dragon to spice things up. I thought the idea was pretty cool so this gnome army is led by a Yellow Dragon. Dragon is pretty passive though, probably because he has trouble getting close.

    Random comments
    I tried to simulate 3-d by using shadows. It's not perfect but close enough for me.

    I would have wanted to have Reinforced Doors as wall gate but I decided against it because I wanted to use all 5 creature slots for other things. The gate is difficult terrain.

    Gnomes have two kinds of war machines. other is a battering ram which is only a cosmetic addition. The other one is the thing that they use to climb walls. This thing works, although I had to do some tweaking to make it work. Some squares on the map are made impassable so that the war machine works better.

    During my first tests I realised that the AI likes to ball up all characters in front of the gate. To fix this I had to resort to drastic methods. I isolated some enemy groups using impassable terrain so that they cannot run away freely, and keep better formation. It looks more realistic and doesn't really ruin gameplay.

    Both teams need 10 VP's for a win. VP squares are on hte other side of the wall. Idea is of course that if the enemy team can breach through the wall, they will win.

    Please post ideas for improvement or other comments. Thanks.


    How to load a custom scenario
    1. Download the file (.scn) below on your computer
    2. Go to multiplayer
    3. Click "Create Custom Game"
    4. Click "Load..." and find the file you just downloaded
    5. Click "Create Game"

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  2. ArcadianRook

    ArcadianRook Goblin Champion

    Holy CRAP this looks AWESOME I can't wait to try it out.
    Thankfully.. I don't have to wait!
  3. ArcadianRook

    ArcadianRook Goblin Champion

    Things I noticed (which may or may not be on purpose or able to be worked around)
    As shown in 1st pic: Idris is unable to target any of the mercenaries in front of the get with teleport other or enemies below the wall with attacks. (blocking terrain perhaps?
    In 2nd pic, Blessed Anrime can't target the circle eneemy with invigorating touch (no idea)
  4. Taunt.

    I was confused about the same "bug" myself :)
  5. I tested the scenario again a couple of times and it felt a bit too easy. Any feedback on that would be appreciated. I think I might have to increase the number of VP's required or something.

    As for the Yellow Dragon.. I'm not sure if that dragon has ever done anything other than throw a bunch of rocks. Sounds bad at first, but when you think about it, that dragon is now basically a medieval catapult, which fits the theme perfectly :)
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  6. Aldones

    Aldones Ogre

    I think you did a great job. I especially liked the improv work with the doodads to make them into cool things.

    This one would be nice to have the board file as well. I'd like to be able to visualize the terrain using the editor to get a better understanding of the blocking terrain you used to control enemy mob flow. Any chance you'd upload that as well?
  7. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Not necessary, just load the scenario file and click the Export button on the board line.
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  8. tuknir

    tuknir #3 in Spring PvP Season

    really amazing layout
  9. I did not know that. Thanks for the tip.

    I uploaded a new version with a couple of small tweaks, nothing major.
  10. ArcadianRook

    ArcadianRook Goblin Champion

    derp!!! My mistake!! ^_^ good catch :-D!
    But yeah... this is friggin' gorgeous.
  11. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    Excellent work! It's really easy, but I don't mind.

    some notes:
    - Taunt is super-annoying, and detracts from my power-wizard-sniper fantasy, though casting Fireball for 10 hits makes up for it somewhat...
    - The AI does a lot of step-shuffling to get the mobs around the stopping terrain in front of the gates. Have you tried seeing what it does without that stopping terrain?
    - An ogre would be awesome so that there's a heavier target to thwack than gnomes. (Perhaps replace the wild gnomes with a pair of ogres?) The dragon never got into range. :-(
  12. So I played this and got owned pretty hard. Dragon flew into the middle of the map and acidbreathed for a million damage, while I was busy picking of ragers. I did not get any useful cards on the three main heroes, which did not help either. I think reducing the number of units per group by 2 would make the scenario more fun to play while still keeping the epic siege feeling.
  13. Thanks.

    Yes, Taunt is pretty annoying but I wanted to use all the Gnomes, and since Taunt is what they have, Taunt is what we get :)

    The reason I used difficult terrain is that without it, the gnomes rush in like crazy and it gets really disorganized. I added some difficult terrain in hopes of getting the gnomes more like in a formation. It didn't help much though. And the dragon spits that rock there almost every single time, so it doesn't really matter whether I put difficult terrain or not. Still, it might be better without it but I'm too lazy to change it now. :)

    Yes, ogre would have been nice too, but ogres played a big part in my previous scenario so I had to go with something else. I personally like the dragon (originally suggested by Mr. Whambulance) because it's pretty passive and doesn't make the scenario impossible, but its simple presence makes the battle more intense.

    There is a bit of luck involved. Funny how neoncat said it was "really easy" and you on the other hand got "owned" :) If you had the dragon fly in the middle of the map, you were really unlucky, because it hardly ever does that. Most matches it just stands there looking like an idiot and doesn't even use acid.

    After doing tons of testing, I think the difficulty is pretty good. At least to my liking. You just got really unlucky that can happen with any scenario. If anything I think the scenario might be too easy like neoncat said. But I don't mind that because this is supposed to be more like a "fun scenario" than anything that requires huge amount of skill and strategy.

    I could reduce the number of gnomes but I really like the epic feeling of having tons of enemies. I do understand that it makes things a bit messy which might not be as fun. So yeah.. I'll think about it.

    Thank you both for feedback.
  14. MagicLance

    MagicLance Mushroom Warrior

    Awesome build. The terrain does look 3D.
    Things worked well until I tried to play Impregnable Nimbus and Greater Heal at the end of the second last round.
    I could not target anyone and had to cancel it.
    One turn later they worked.
    The Dragon as Rocks thrower helped me more then it did damage because that way nobody could just run through the middle.
    Perhaps some other creature would work better as an artillery unit. Just make it so that it can not advance to much.
  15. Thanks.

    What happened was that your character was cursed with Taunt which means they can only target the creature that cast the spell on them. It's very easy to mistake it for a bug the first few times you experience it. Someone reported the same "bug" in this very topic actually.

    Yea, there might be better options but I chose to keep the dragon because the rock attack fits the siege theme very well. All other creatures had some kind of problems, usually that they very too aggressive. Dragon is great because it looks menacing but is actually quite docile, making the scenario easier to complete.

    I might work on this scenario later. If I do, I'll take your suggestion into consideration. Thanks for feedback.
  16. The map is coming along well. The shadows could use some slight adjusting (the makeshift siege towers cast no shadows) but other than that I look forward to your finished product.

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