[Custom Scenario] The Sale!

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Is this scenario too hard?

  1. No. I have beyond legendary skills for Card Hunter.

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  2. YES! Curse you!

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  3. I really could not care.

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  1. Setting:
    Frenzied movements and energy fill the air as your party enters a store with unheard of discounts!

    A local item emporium is holding a gigantic sale! Your party arrives to find the aggressive shoppers
    in a frenzy of collecting. They take notice of your arrival and attack, seeing you as potential competitors for the wares! The lowly shopkeeper can do nothing to calm them so he offers you what little help he can provide.

    With the impolite shoppers scared away, the wares are now yours to choose from.

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  2. Liquid_Paper

    Liquid_Paper Kobold

    I have not played this yet, but the concept is very fun, funny, and exciting. I love it! :D. Possible rename to "Black Friday"? What do you think?
  3. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

    A difficult and fun challenge. Took me a couple tries, and some definite luck (along with some poor play by the AI), but I did it. The only thing that makes the level winnableis the fact that the priests prefer to buff over attacking directly, and often mistarget their buffs. It feels like every play counts, and while a bad hand can lose you the game, winning has its own special sense of accomplishment.

    It does definitely harken back to Black Friday sales here in the US. *shudder*

    Maybe a little too much.

    Thanks for the fun map!
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