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    Build I used for the three games:
    [SRC] Shabrys
    Level 24 Elf Warrior

    [SRC] Titanomachia
    Level 2 Elf Priest

    [SRC] Guillotine
    Level 1 Elf Warrior

    CT5 (Vibrant Pain Elf warriors + Elf Priest support - no new cards used) vs VermillionOcean (Two Human Warriors + Human Priest, I think all running Vanguard) on Woodhome Blizzard

    Overall this game felt pretty normal - Warriors dancing around and poking and smacking and stuff with Priests buffing / other shenanigans. Investigate made for some interesting decision-making. I was on the victory square, and would've normally wanted to attack the units near me instead of the one with Investigate (who's HP I had dropped below 50%.), but I didn't want that unit to heal up through Investigate. Vengeance made a showing, and was quite strong. Makes for some slippery warriors, and if you do manage to chase them down, they can still smack you for 9, which is quite solid. I had an Elven Trickery which I hoped would've caught the Vengeance, but my opponent had an older attack which got discarded instead. That would've been a fun surprise!

    CT5 (VP Elf Wars + Elf Priest support, no new cards used) vs Pyrious (Human Warrior + two Human Priests, looks like focus on Walpurgis Night) on Celestial Dojo

    After round 1, everyone on my team had a Form attached for the rest of the game from Walpurgis Night, so this game was really just playing with WN.
    Walpurgis Night really fun. maybe my opinion will change once i play against it more, but i thought it was interesting and fun to adapt to the circumstances.
    Boo! strong, but can get purged!
    Pyrious had Purging Burst for his own units (we chatted after the game and he was trying to set up Daylight). His warrior brought Inquisitor's Strike for potential big damage followup after a Walpurgis Night.

    CT5 (same build) vs stupid531 (Two Human Warriors (Vanguard, Howls, Wind Dancer) + Human Priest) on Gladius Quad

    Lot of howls from his Warriors. He might've been running two Howling Pains. Hah, Howl can get more Howl. At one point, he plays three howls in a row (with me passing in between). The small bit of healing adds up!

    Vanguard got him a lot of value. A lot of small but useful moves (stay out of reach of my warriors, close the gap to one of my characters, get a character onto difficult terrain for smooth escape).

    Vampire's Kiss from his low HP priest to his slightly lowish HP warrior to heal his priest out of lethal range and give his low hp warrior a "Hey don't come near me!" sign. Really cool play!

    Overall the game felt pretty normal (so like there wasn't anything insanely strong that felt bad to be on the receiving end of). The new cards did cool things - Howl was very good for him during standoffish positions, Vanguard helped him make good moves and plays, the Vampire's Kiss play was awesome, and the Unreliable Blocks from Wind Dancer dissuaded me from attacking one of his characters (he had two Unreliable Blocks and a Lucky Charm visible).

    So far, looks like old builds can still compete with the new cards, though I don't think I played against highly tuned decks / the more powerful cards like Hex of Dissolution. More games and thoughts to come in future days!
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    Thanks, it's important to test pre-Mitternacht builds against the new stuff. I've got you at 3 games!
  3. CT5

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    Team I used for this batch of games (three total):
    Notes about the team: highly focused on traits to draw the Silver attacks, ideally with Silversmith. Very little control. I don't think it's very good. Feels like there's some consistency issues / isn't fast enough, but they may be based on the team I was going up against.

    Level 1 Elf Wizard

    Level 18 Elf Warrior

    Level 1 Elf Wizard

    4. CT5 (2x Silver damage Elf Wizards + 1 Elf Warrior) vs hwango (Wind Dancer Elf War, Vengeance Human War, Human Priest) on Celestial Temple

    Game felt pretty normal. He got close a little too early too quickly, so I was at a disadvantage. Vengenace was also very threatening - if it weren't for a handy Memory Loss, the game would've been a lot worse for me I think. Inquisition Bolt revealing hand is very powerful, as expected. Dainty Silversmith is quite nice, helping push the archetype by preserving a token. The team was able to apply good damage and managed to take out two characters, but good mobility from hwango's team made it easy for him to catch up to and clean up the elf wizards.

    5. CT5 (2x Silver damage Elf Wizards + 1 Elf Warrior) vs hwango (Wind Dancer Elf War, Vengeance Human War, Human Priest) on Citadel Irrigation Chamber

    Investigate can be rather inconvenient for wizards. Glad this only heals 2!
    Vengeance still soooo scary as elf wizard. Memory Loss (and/or Elven Trickery) is prob the best way to deal with Vengeance.

    Silver damage very handy against Monstrous Hide! whether from armor or Howl
    Had a handy Force Cone to push two of his units away (but it triggered Investigate on two of his characters) + enough damage to take out his warriors. His elf was in between a Wiz and my War, so they alternated making unblockable attacks till his elf was dead, then on the following round, 3x Silver Bolt + Vengeance took out the Human Warrior that got a Monstrous Hide from Howl. Took victory squares for the remaining stars needed.

    6. CT5 (2x Silver damage Elf Wizards + 1 Elf Warrior) vs hwango (Wind Dancer Elf War, Vengeance Human War, Human Priest) on The Fool's Trap

    Wind Dancer is cool! I was forced into a tough spot - either attack the Elf War and risk wasting my attacks due to the multiple Unreliable Blocks he's created, or attack the Human Warrior loaded up with Vengeance.
    God how do you win against 2x Vengeance (ok the map was really small)
    But holy **** and like while you can expect it... ok i guess if you expect Vengeance don't attack the unit with it... but man running into two is so problematic. Maybe it hurt so much cause I was running Elf Wizards.
    Inquisition Bolt is very nice, but if you hit them and they have Vengeance (especially two or more), the information you gain is less relevant since 1. Vengeance was revealed 2. they got to adjust their position favorably (either moving out of line-of-sight, or moving in and attacking). I need to play against this more.

    I saw Ancient Grudge a couple of times (there's a few in one of the decks / Medium's Garb), and each time it did nothing. But of course, this is an aggressive deck fighting another aggressive deck - there was no time for a discard pile to build up.
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    New team that I used for these four games:
    Note: This team feels quite strong so far. Consistently high damage output, great mobility from Vengeance and team moves, and Martyr's finds key cards / puts opponents in awkward spots (ex. if one warrior has Vengeance, you can use Martyr's on the other warrior to encourage people to hit the one with Vengeance -> profit). Would need more testing against wizards and variations on Warrior-based teams.

    Prism Red
    Level 22 Human Warrior

    Prism Yellow
    Level 1 Human Warrior

    Level 18 Human Priest

    CT5 (2 Human War + Human Priest) vs Lucky Dice (2 Human War + Human Priest) on Forgotten Temple

    Stolen Torch for damage, Vengeance for mobility, and a sprinkling of AoA to go with the Mighty Bludgeons and the free movement from Vengeance. Priest supports with buffs (mostly Martyr's to find AoA / Vengeance).

    Pretty normal game. Had Vengeance, but that character never got attacked. Lucky Dice was using Bern's Untouchable Mail with a mix of old and new cards, but mostly old cards (Enormous Mattock).
    CT5 (2 Human War + Human Priest) vs Lucky Dice (2 Human War + Human Priest) on Citadel Light Hall

    Vengeance showed up to play here - 2x Vengeance let one of his warriors move around to finish off a wounded character hiding behind zone-of-control of another character. Scary stuff. Took the win with a lot of damage (AoA, Stolen Torch, Bejeweled). Otherwise, pretty ordinary game.

    I think Vengeance damage could go down to 7, possibly? But 8 is ok, 9 was definitely too much.
    CT5 (2 Human War + Human Priest) vs Lucky Dice (2 Elf Wiz + 1 Human Priest) on Bridge

    Looks like Pathfinding -> Ancient Grudge! Didn't get to see the combo in game though.

    Lucky Dice had some nice plays (surprise Parry from Silverwood Staff of the Magus, Punishing Bolt to deal with my Bless), but couldn't quite slow me down / do enough damage to put me in an awkward spot. I did not draw many moves early, but armor + Bless helped me weather his attacks. Later, Vengeance helped me close the gap to catch a wizard and kill (thanks to drawing AoA from Martyr's).

    Oh, Lucky Dice was also using Savage Curse, so the card disadvantage from that probably hurt him a lot.
    CT5 vs vitreo2084 (Dwarf War, Dwarf Wiz, Human Wiz) on Crypt Chamber

    Had an awkward start with not too much movement, but I did have Jump, Soldier! which I used to trap his Dwarf Warrior and kill. Flaring Torch let me cleanly deal with a Force Field on his Dwarf Wizard. I killed the Wizard on the following turn. I did not see a Vengeance this game to help close distance - his dwarves came up to the middle victory square, where a lot of the fighting happened. I luckily blocked a TK from the Human Wiz with Surging Shield Block, otherwise one of the dwarves may have survived longer.

    Vitreo's units didn't seem that threatening, likely a bad draw. Warrior had mostly armors, Dwarf Wiz had Big Zaps and Force Fields, Human Wiz had... some cold attacks that only showed up after all the major fighting had taken place.

    Creature of the Night has so far been mostly negligible as I haven't run into many teams packing Silver damage. Well, aside from Vengeance, but it isn't always played as an attack cause the effect is so nice to have. That said, Creature of the Night is like Combustible, so it's bound to hurt at some point.

    Hmm, idea for Vengeance! What if when it triggered, you get to move 2 like it does now, but you have to end adjacent to a character? Just a thought, I don't think Vengeance needs to be changed. Though it goes so nicely with all the Greater Heals flying around...
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    Thank you for all your help with the Castle Mitternacht playtest.

    Unless you posted more in another thread (in which case, sorry I missed it), I have you at 10 games.

    You will receive 2 Epic Mitternacht chests when this content is released.

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