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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Overmaster, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Overmaster

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    I love Card Hunter but found the solo player dull and the multiplayer too hard to get a good team for. Now with co-op I think I'm going to get to fall in love again :)

    Me and my brother were wondering what would be a good team composition for just 2 heroes (2 Dwarf Warriors, Dwarf Warrior/Dwarf Wizard, 2 Elf Warriors, etc.) I know a little bit about builds so far but

    For example I'm not sure if Control Volcano Wizards will work with just 2 characters.

    What are the kind of builds we should look out for when going through our loot? What should we each be building towards?
  2. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Two player Co-op: Don't use team cards like team heal or mass frenzy. I suggest that if you use warriors make them elves so they can get up to the enemy.
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  3. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    I'd go with a priest and wizard for versatility. You can be a buff and canon on one adventure, and vamp and control wiz on another. Like @timeracers said, some cards will be overcosted with two players, but some will be that much stronger for their cost - I'm looking at you Twin Heals.
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  4. Overmaster

    Overmaster Kobold

    What do you guys think goes with a Dwarf Warrior? My brother bought a special figurine for him and won't switch... xD
  5. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Control Wizard is what I suggest cause it has high damaging terrain with some cards like winds of war to keep the enemy there(on the damaging terrain) or to move your friend closer to the action.
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  6. Overmaster

    Overmaster Kobold

    That's probably what I will do, but won't he get in front of all my Cone of Fire and Burning Finger like spells? That has been the problem so far with my control wizard
  7. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Control involves hot spots and other damaging terrain and movement control
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  8. Drakkan

    Drakkan Ogre

    I also agree that Priest and Wizard have best versatility.

    For Wizard I suggest Runestone.
    Wall of Fire can deal 8, usually 16 and top 24dmg in 1 turn .. much more that single target wizard spells.
  9. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    If he's set on dwarf warrior then go mage, he's tough enough to deal without healing.

    Most modules, the mobs will rush you, so he can load up on armour and attacks. Some modules (like the demon portals), the mobs are ranged and he'll need to load up on movement and step attacks.
  10. Drakkan

    Drakkan Ogre

    Another Good suggestion is to heavy armor your Tank with Reliable Mail. Pack as much as you can of that card (2 on heavy armor, 1 on helm, 1 on legendary racial, 1-2 on boots) and you can tank almost anything lower levels.
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  11. Overmaster

    Overmaster Kobold

    Ha ha ha, no problem-- like I said I have been working on Control Wizards for a long time:

    Is Control Wizards best with all 3 Wizards or 2 Wizards and a Priest?
  12. Drakkan

    Drakkan Ogre

    It depends on the map a bit, but I usually find 3x Dwarf Fire-Wizard most effective. But that's endgame content. You need specific items, mainly Firestorm and Volcano.
    Properly put Volcano can deal 80+dmg ..

    For that you need items such as:
    Wym's Lavastaff
    Mordecai's Staff Of Magma
    Magma Scepter
    Firehide Robes (this one is a must)
    (but there is no way you get that any time soon ;) )

    I use as much Reliable Armor as I can put on wizards . .when you have 2 you're immune to firestorm .. but getting just 1 allows you to spam as mad

    You can use 2x wizards + 1 priest (nimbus) or just 3 wizards ..

    Even with such powerful cards, Runestone is a great filler. I think early on (when you dont have major tokens and that Legendary gear) Runestone Wizard is the most effective wiz (and I use Runetone even on lvl17 maps).

    And btw Runestone has one big advantage over Volcano in early COOP :) -> Volcano requires you to pass few times, so mobs use their moves .. but (some) new players somehow dont want to do that ;)
    Looks like they dont understand that they can play all their cards after or something. I had some just rage-quit when I asked them to pass 4 times :)
    But you simply cannot play Volcano without that.. so - Runestone doesnt have such problems.. you pass them to play .. and after that you land wall of fire

    If you need to choose 2 characters, dont choose 2 wizards for starting characters,, you'll get stuck on some maps. Use priest+wiz as Scarponi suggested. Much more flexible.
    You need a good Tank and a wiz to controll + land fire and you'll be ok.
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  13. Overmaster

    Overmaster Kobold

    Thanks a bunch buddy! Lots of super-useful info here.

    I just picked up the newest Citadel expansion since it comes with a premade party. Any tips based on that? (What to loot from the premade party, or just use it's level 18 characters immediately)

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