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    The Playtests are focusing on: Caverns of Chaos & Castle Mitternacht balance changes.

    We’ve been gathering your feedback for the last couple of months. Both CoC and CM adventures are not so exciting as they should be. That’s why we’ve decided to make some changes to them and we need your feedback! Before you hop into the test server, please carefully read every information down below. Current tests are dedicated only to CoC and CM. There are a number of things we are and we are not looking for. Because of that, not every feedback may find its way into the game. Either way, we value the feedback of our community the most so feel free to share your thoughts! Thank you so much for taking part in our playtests! Happy Hunting!

    How to participate?
    A very detailed guide on how to join the test server can be found here

    How long the test server will be open?
    We plan to run our playtest for 2 weeks 6th September 2021 - 20th September 2021.

    What are the changes?
    All the changes for the test server can be found here

    Do I have to make a new account?
    No! We are using the cloned database from the live server. But keep in mind, the progress does not save between the test server and the live server. The progress from the test server will be wiped!

    Desired Feedback

    What we are looking for: your opinion about the changes to the monsters, loot, and mechanics of given adventures. In short: all major aspects of the gameplay.
    What we're not looking for: everything not related to the topic of the playtests :)

    You can share your feedback with us by creating your own threads in this subforum or joining the discussion in dedicated mega threads. The rewards for the participants that are willing to share feedback with us are 2 epic chests for playing CoC and 2 epic cm chests for playing CM adventures. The rewards will be distributed after the playtest.
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